Sunday - on the subway to church. Nothing exciting. Then lunch at Cozy, our favorite/closest diner. You can see it in "Big Daddy" the Adam Sandler movie from several years ago. Rob Schneider plays a Cozy delivery guy. We've never actually ordered from there.

At the diner there was a family with two cute little girls - a ~4 year old and an ~18-month old (guesses). They looked so alike with blonde hair and similar features. So charming.

Then Shawn and I went to Lenscrafters AGAIN. The back story:
  • First, I bought the glasses and had to wait for them longer than normal because the screw holding the right lens in place was stuck and they'd have to send it out or use a special tool or something to get the lens in place.

  • THEN when that's done, I come in and they tell me that one of the ear pieces has a flaw - the metal decorative bit has fallen off and they can't get a replacement, this frame isn't made anymore, whatever. I say OK, since it's small and not noticeable. And they give me a $75 discount.

  • THEN I've worn them for just about a month and they fall apart - like literally pop off my face. They don't drop, but they're definitely unscrewed. I capture the screw and the popped out lens (again the right one) and put them in their case (this is of course while I'm on my way to catch a train to DC, with no time to go home and get my spare ones). So I go back to Lenscrafters after my trip and get chided because OBVIOUSLY I must have mishandled the glasses (SO untrue). They put them back together and tighten the screw extra tight.

  • WELL, this week, probably three weeks after I got the glasses screwed back together I notice a crack in the right lens at the top - near the frame. It's not in my line of sight, but still these are EXPENSIVE lenses with top-quality coatings that SHOULD NOT BREAK. I did not drop them. I did not get hit in the face or anything...
Shawn came with me for moral support. After a lackey told me they could sell me new lenses for 50% off, I waited to talk to the doctor in charge. After explaining that I really didn't drop them or get hit (also I wear my contacts a lot of the time) and maybe the tightening had something to do with the crack, she checked them and said they're cracked through and through (which would be unlikely to happen from a drop), and she realizes it's not my fault and will get the lenses replaced. I feel SO bad, because I know that the store (or company or whatever) will just have to eat that loss ... and there's no guarantee that the frames won't crack the next lenses ... If that happens I'll have to get different frames and start the process all over again.

After that ordeal, a SMALL bit of Christmas shopping - walked down to the MOMA Design store in SoHo - not so bad, and I found something for my dad, although I'm still looking for the perfect thing for my sister. I know what I want but don't know where to find it ... Now I'm back home, facing a mountain of stuff and needing to unpack and sort. Going to keep many of my clothes boxed up for safety's sake - but in a more organized fashion, with the boxes stuffed into the closet. I'm in desparate need of a nap, but my back says no more time than necessary laying on the air mattress. Hopefully next week we can get a bed ??? One can hope.

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