Another Reason NYC Blows

Gothamist: "I Voted" and...Didn't Even Get a Sticker:
"Feeling cheated because you didn't get your 'I Voted' sticker? We called up the Board of Elections to check in on this very important situation, and they told us they don't think New York City has ever handed out the little badges of civic duty. When's the last time you received one?"
Yeah - so I voted. Civic duty, check. Not that in the national election NY makes a big difference - a forgone conclusion that it's all blue all the time ... you can tell that just by walking down the street. I haven't seen a single McCain pin or sign. I DID see a tourist in a McCain hat. He was old though, so I doubt he'd get hassled, or maybe I don't know - New Yorkers. Bah!

Voting was OK - the voting booths use LEVERS. I'm not kidding, it was a machine from the 1800s, or at least based on technology from that era. WTF?! And McCain and Obama were listed in more than one column - not just as D and R, but as "Working Families" party and "Social Justice" party or something. In the local elections, several of the candidates were listed as BOTH R and D! I can understand how people could be confused, as I surely was. But whatever, it's over, and I cast my vote.

Went to the dentist and had a cavity filled. It would be $300 to get a new retainer, which I desperately need. I've been wearing this one for 10 years every night and it's pretty gross. And the dentist also said he would remove my wire behind my bottom teeth and give me a bottom retainer. How great would it be to have a completely empty mouth?! But I just can't justify it when we've got so many expenses with the bedbugs. The dentist is going to get an estimate from our insurance and let me know how much they would pay, if any. The cavity filling was $250 itself, although they then send it to the insurance who would send me a reimbursement check IF they cover any part of it...

I'm so drowsy and ... ugh. Sleeping on an air mattress is no fun. I am still taking Benadryl to help me go to sleep. I am to the point where I don't care if I have trouble weaning off of it. Because I know I can tackle that... And I am still allergicly reacting to the old bites, and it's fair enough to help me get sleep. But I need more. So tired.

Miss home. ~Mari.

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