some bedbug aftermath pictures

i know you're dying for this:

The Comet mess - you can see the ring that's around where the bed goes when it's on the floor - plus the ring around the walls. Better to be vigilant than bedbug food!

Shawn after a re-arrange of our stuff last night (just compacting it more into the middle of the room ... still not fully unpacking until we're SURE these things are gone)... As his boss might say he looks "worse for wear."

And now, the moment you've been waiting for ... pictures of my bedbug bite scars, which will probably get better, but yikes. Toward the end I had flipped in the bed, and then slept on Shawn's bed - both putting my feet in the line of fire and getting them closer to the g-d bugs. So here are some shots of my feet, taken today, on top of my desk (nice, right?) ... teleseminar notes in the background.

Right foot - usually bedbugs will bite in rows of 3 - "breakfast, lunch and dinner." These suckers (literally) like me so much it looks like they did "breakfast, lunch, dinner, and two midnight snacks" !!!

Left foot - so gross, and yes, I know a pedicure or pumice stone or SOMETHING would do wonders for me, but I'm working with what I've got... I'm going to try to get a haircut this weekend, just do little things that need to be done that will make me feel better/improve my appearance now that my skin is returning to normal (arms are almost completely spot free, or at least the spots don't look anything like the ones on my feet, which are the "newer" bites, just about 2 weeks old).

on with the show I guess. ~Mari.


Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, you KNOW I was waiting for these pictures! Mari, I'm so sorry for the BB mess, but at least you know what's causing the "hives."

-- cg

Anonymous said...

Is that comet = the stuff you clean the sink with?!?

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