i wanna be the lady he...

loves with all his heart and soul.

(cowboys aren't MY weakness, but i cannot tell you HOW MUCH i love that trisha song ... how much i love ALL trisha songs)

in addition to being National Blog Post Month (NaBloPoMo - see right rail), it's also NaJoMo (National Journal Month) - although this picture that I found online looks like "ojomo" ... so who knows. I just LOVE the typewriter keys ... and it's still the same concept 'one a day for 30 days' ... so far so good, although this is just post six.

the air mattress patch held and i got a relatively good night's sleep. we're going to try to book a room at the Waldorf with our wedding gift from my coworkers for the weekend ... we'll see how that goes. hopefully the economy tanking means empty rooms. will be nice to sleep in a big fancy bed and snuggle in, sleep in and probably even watch a giant TV (the TV at Frank's spoiled me, not to mention he has an actual comfy chair instead of just our hard backed kitchen chairs). So fingers crossed.

Webcamming last night was good. I had to take a phone call during it, and usually he doesn't pay me any mind. But while I was talking, I hear "MARI. MARI. MARI." Sweet little Owen Max trying to get my attention. He just wanted to talk. Silly bubba. How I love him. Maybe he should have his TV privileges banned every time Auntie M wants to webcam!

More posting later I'm sure. ~Mari.

Edit: It's November Journaling Month and the "n" in the picture above is just really small/can't see it well over the keys. Meh.

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