loner in the city

OK - it's ENTIRELY possible that I got bitten again last night - I had a small welt on my right ankle when I woke up. It's not itchy anymore, which wasn't really the case with all the previous bites, but who knows. I'm SO paranoid and upset.

Shawn left for his presentation in Kentucky. So I'm on my own until late tomorrow night. Should be able to get a lot of work done - plus tonight is webcamming with Mr. Owen! I will be home next week and can squeeze him in person. Hurrah!

Got an early birthday pressie from Shawn - a flat keyboard like his. Figured it was time to get rid of the RA-issued one ... seriously, bedbugs can live within the keys... not that I think they were. NOW, what to do with this keyboard. Would cost more to ship it back to the office than for them to just buy one. Minor dilemma, right? Meh. The keyboard is really nice. I also got an external hard drive to back up my personal files on my old-as-the-hills laptop. In 2009 my goal is to save up and buy a new, small laptop for myself so I can get rid of the toxic laptop of the past. Yeay!

It IS in fact too early to listen to Christmas music. I tried and it didn't work.

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