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SO, I guess I'm supposed to comment on the articles I'm posting on here. Not that I didn't know that, I just didn't do it when I found all these articles. No one is reading this really, so I'm kinda FREEEEEE to do what I want and I've been using this as an online bookmarking space. Does such a thing exist for that purpose? If not it's a good idea because people (including me) use so many different computers in a given day.

BUT, I do have comments and I guess really commenTARY (or commenMARI) on all the articles I linked, including some that I'll use for my Women in the Media class journal. (aside: in that class I was told my writing is awkward -- true, esp. for the paper I turned in...but it's sad that something I do SO MUCH of actually isn't much good at all. and how do i turn that around? maybe i need a break?)

so, commenMARI, from the top down:

Obesity story in the Post: my coworker showed me this. WE ARE GOLDEN if it's true. But medical res…

Yahoo! News - Top Stories - Knight Ridder Newspapers

Yahoo! News - Top Stories - Knight Ridder Newspapers

I wrote a lot of these headlines: the discovery one, domestic terrorism and 14th presidential library. i bet they're bad. weird to think my stuff goes out without someone changing the heads! aiyiyiah!!! i'll have to pay attention to this site and print out my headlines for future clip packages.

ugh. ~mari...

Takoma/Silver Spring Voice: News

Takoma/Silver Spring Voice: News

An article by me. There's another that's weird and they made a mistake pasting it into the Web program, but I'm not bothered enough to tell them. I've got three more stories coming up with this publication -- a monthly news magazine. Good times. Not really women related, but I wrote them AND a lot of the leaders on this task force are women.


Women's International News: A collection of links for my paper


WINGS: Women's International News Gathering Service

International Women's Media Foundation

African Women's Media Center

MediaChannel: Issue Guides, Women's Media

Women's Media, Communication & News Sources

Women Make the News 2005

Women's Institute for Freedom of the Press

I think these give a pretty good idea that women media makers have a strong online presence, but most of it IS from the United States and other developed countries reaching out to those in less developed places. More to follow once I really look at these. Thanks.


No Train, No Gain

Discussion Threads

Here's a site for aspiring journalists and journalists alike. I found the profile thing helpful, which I got to because I'm at my internship searching the Internet waiting for stories to drop. Almost been here five hours though, so I'm out.

Cherry blossoms were gorgeous today! It was cloudy and cool but I got some good shots. Will post them on tripod sometime this weekend.

Out. ~Mari...

Really good Chicago Tribune article ... and more!

Chicago Tribune From `silent purchase' to `new freedom'

This is a GREAT article that I'm going to use for my Women in the Media journal that I do for the undergrad class I'm in. I found it thru ms. musings, a GREAT blog that's been really helpful to me in the few weeks I've been reading it.

The presentation in the class about WAM!2005 went really well. The girls were all interested in what I had to say and asked intelligent questions, including "WHY DID YOU GO?" when I expressed my surprise at how political the event turned out to be, which was just something I hadn't expected, not necessarily something that I thought was good or bad. I like that girl though. And my answer was that it really does pertain to what I'm interested in re: media (women) AND i'm from Oklahoma -- i don't get out much so any opportunity to see the world is a good one.

I had some interviews for my graduate level project I'm doing for that class. I'm talkin…