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Was mentioned in the sermon Sunday. If all American Christians tithed the churches could put a stop to world hunger. pretty amazing.



SO, I guess I'm supposed to comment on the articles I'm posting on here. Not that I didn't know that, I just didn't do it when I found all these articles. No one is reading this really, so I'm kinda FREEEEEE to do what I want and I've been using this as an online bookmarking space. Does such a thing exist for that purpose? If not it's a good idea because people (including me) use so many different computers in a given day.

BUT, I do have comments and I guess really commenTARY (or commenMARI) on all the articles I linked, including some that I'll use for my Women in the Media class journal. (aside: in that class I was told my writing is awkward -- true, esp. for the paper I turned in...but it's sad that something I do SO MUCH of actually isn't much good at all. and how do i turn that around? maybe i need a break?)

so, commenMARI, from the top down:

Obesity story in the Post: my coworker showed me this. WE ARE GOLDEN if it's true. But medical research is very in flux, so I can't be too thrilled about it. And the fact is I FEEL better when I'm smaller and have less weight to drag around. I'm probably more overweight than "just a little" or whatever the study says is healthy, but it was still kind of a neat twist on an old tale. The bottom line is: we're all going to die, so it's a little naive to talk about the "risk of dying," as our risk is 100%. The only question is WHEN, right?

Internews, women and media section: can we say PERFECT? This will really help me as I try to rewrite, edit and smash together my paper about Humphrey Fellows studying at the University. So far it's 15 pages, but some of that is just crap I'm sure. The professor has it, as a draft, and should get it back to me shortly. We'll see how that goes. Basically this site focuses on international women in the media and stories from abroad that focus on women. perfect!

The next two are basically links to my work online, either headline writing (which is always in flux too since new stories come out and the lines i wrote would be bumped down and then off) or story writing. For a while the Voice will have my work in it -- I've completed one story for the next issue (it's monthly) and have two more in the works. Both on tap for this weekend's projects: a profile and a meeting story, the task force meeting I went to last night.

The next batch is a list of links I also think will be helpful in my research/independent study paper because I originally was trying to focus on international women journalists, etc. So these links offer some more possibilities and maybe some more indepth/varied stories and material.

Looks like the rest of my entries/posts have some comments. The others just seemed to be floating out there, wanting SOMETHING. But then I guess you could always click the link to see what they are, but again for me it will be helpful to have a description.

CARRY on. ~mari...

Yahoo! News - Top Stories - Knight Ridder Newspapers

Yahoo! News - Top Stories - Knight Ridder Newspapers

I wrote a lot of these headlines: the discovery one, domestic terrorism and 14th presidential library. i bet they're bad. weird to think my stuff goes out without someone changing the heads! aiyiyiah!!! i'll have to pay attention to this site and print out my headlines for future clip packages.

ugh. ~mari...

Takoma/Silver Spring Voice: News

Takoma/Silver Spring Voice: News

An article by me. There's another that's weird and they made a mistake pasting it into the Web program, but I'm not bothered enough to tell them. I've got three more stories coming up with this publication -- a monthly news magazine. Good times. Not really women related, but I wrote them AND a lot of the leaders on this task force are women.


No Train, No Gain

Discussion Threads

Here's a site for aspiring journalists and journalists alike. I found the profile thing helpful, which I got to because I'm at my internship searching the Internet waiting for stories to drop. Almost been here five hours though, so I'm out.

Cherry blossoms were gorgeous today! It was cloudy and cool but I got some good shots. Will post them on tripod sometime this weekend.

Out. ~Mari...

Really good Chicago Tribune article ... and more!

Chicago Tribune From `silent purchase' to `new freedom'

This is a GREAT article that I'm going to use for my Women in the Media journal that I do for the undergrad class I'm in. I found it thru ms. musings, a GREAT blog that's been really helpful to me in the few weeks I've been reading it.

The presentation in the class about WAM!2005 went really well. The girls were all interested in what I had to say and asked intelligent questions, including "WHY DID YOU GO?" when I expressed my surprise at how political the event turned out to be, which was just something I hadn't expected, not necessarily something that I thought was good or bad. I like that girl though. And my answer was that it really does pertain to what I'm interested in re: media (women) AND i'm from Oklahoma -- i don't get out much so any opportunity to see the world is a good one.

I had some interviews for my graduate level project I'm doing for that class. I'm talking to the journalism Humphrey fellows who are in residence for a year at the University of Maryland. I got some REALLY interesting stories and opinions on women and the media, both here and in their home countries, made some good contacts and think I'll end up with a pretty nice paper, which I'll try to at least link here assuming I get it finished.

I've also got to work on a "birthday" paper for that class. We're to look up a publication from the day/month and year we were born and compare that to the same publication from our most recent birthday (specifically compare how the coverage of women has changed). My mom, a fabulouso librarian -- every journalist should have one in the family, made me copies of our local newspaper, so it will have a little Oklahoma flair! Good times. Now I just need to WRITE the darn thing. That's on tap for this weekend, since it's due Thursday (also it's completely optional for me since I'm doing the Humphreys paper, but it's such a cool idea).

At my internship waiting for stories to roll in. The POPE is on everyone's mind and they're freaking OUT about what to do if he dies while no one's here -- basically how will the copy get moved. It's an interesting dialogue to eavesdrop on. I'm a nerd though. The thing about that, although I'm not Catholic, makes me REALLY sad, is that he doesn't have a woman to be by his side. I think a wife can offer something that all the male advisers in the world can't -- a love that will be only second to the love the pope (and everyone) experiences from God. So while I know it's his vow and everything to be celibate, not have a wife, I think he's missing something crucial on his death bed. I just base this on the experience of my grandparents and my grandfather's death in late 2003. That's just something that's rolled around in my head, but I know he's being taken care of, it just bothers me that it's by MEN. But then maybe that's sexist of ME. I never claimed to be perfect, OK?

Reading all the WAM! listserv listings has been a real education. I'm so glad I'm on it because it is broadening my thinking skills, I really believe. I don't think I can be completely converted but I'm definitely in a transition point ... ooooh. got a story -- about the POPE no less.

onward. ~mari...

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