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FWD: Cooking Tips from the Experts

To keep potatoes from budding, place an apple in  the bag with the potatoes

Buy Hungry Jack mashed potato mix. Keeps in the  pantry for up to a year.

When a cake recipe calls for flouring the baking pan,  use a bit of the dry cake mix instead and there won't be any white mess on the outside of the  cake.

Go to the bakery! Hell, they'll even decorate it for you!
Wrap celery in aluminum foil when putting in the  refrigerator and it will keep for weeks.

Celery? Never heard of it!
Cure for headaches: take a lime, cut it in half and  rub it on your forehead. The throbbing will go  away.

Take a lime, mix it with tequila, chill and  drink! All your  pains go away!
Don't throw out all that leftover wine. Freeze  into ice cubes for future use in casseroles and  sauces.

Leftover wine??????? HELLO!!!!!!

Lastly, if you don 't forward this to 1 of your friends within the next 5 minutes, your belly button will unscrew and your butt will fall off
Via Auntie Sue

Photo Montage: Walkers in the City

We had a marvelous time, outlined below!
Arrival on Thursday was without incident, and after a brief rest (and the end of my workday), we went to dinner in the East Village. Margarita! We also took a peak at Washington Square Park and the nearby Edgar Allan Poe residence, which has been turned into the NYU Law School (or one of its buildings at least). We were kind of miffed that the museum (what it was) is only open Thursdays from 9 am-11 am. Weird!Friday was kind of a dud. We first tried to go to the Museum of TV and Radio, which is now the Paley Media Center (or something like that) and no longer has exhibits (if it ever did). We decided not to pay the entrance fee to look at separate TV monitors and went to lunch at a place with bull riding, although the bull was silent during the day. There was tennis on a huge screen TV and it was quiet with good food. Then we went uptown to the New York Historical Society, which of course was also closed for renovations. They had a traveling ex…

The Eyes Have It

Vanity, thy name is ... Mari?

Seriously, this is cosmetic only, but finding out you have a wart growing on your eye is enough to gross you right out. I have a small tag or something on my left right eye too, but he didn't think it was big enough to burn off (yet?). SHUDDER.

My eye is healing nicely, and there was never a true black eye. A very minor bit of bruising that disappeared in a couple hours (so maybe a figment of my imagination anyway). These photos aren't sized great for comparison sake but you can definitely see the spot and then the red places where they were burned off.


Brief Ocular Update

Kind of a let down -- no black eye. Just three red spots where he burned the marks off. Right now it looks worse than it did BUT when they heal should be gone all together (and it won't feel like I've always got something stuck in the corner of my eye -- eeeeeyew!)

I'll still post pictures later, but my camera is in a bag, and I'm in the dark. My inlaws are still snoozing, Shawn is at work for a quick meeting and I'm checking email/reading blogs while drinking my allotted one non-water drink as a cup of milky coffee.

short story long

went to the dermatologist today to get some skin tags removed from the corner of my eyelid. took off 2 hours of work.

had to wait one of those hours to see the doctor -- he was running an hour behind. (would have been nice to have been called, since i could have just left work later!)

procedure took 15 minutes tops, and he told me i would get a black eye. i would have put off the procedure because my inlaws are coming today BUT i'd already waited an hour, was starving and just wanted to be done.

i also didn't want to have to put in for more time off to come back and wait even longer, although i've got enough sick leave to last me months and months and months.

made the 20 minute walk back to my apartment in 15 minutes in the 85+ degree heat on the sizzling sidewalks.

cooled down now, and my eye is a little bruised BUT mostly it just hurts where he numbed the area w/ a needle. those g-d pin pricks hurt.

before and after pictures to follow. i want to give the eye a…

Webcam Restored?

Relative to last week the quality is 100 times better. Hope it lasts...

La violette bâton

Shawn suggested a name for my blog (post-move) -- something about the purple stick, only translated to French, like Red Stick = Baton Rouge. I like violette better than mauve, although if you just translate purple you get pourpre, which I kind of like. Google Translator for the win. But I'm still not sure what I'll do. I still think I need to have go directly to the blog and do away with my Dreamweaver coded HTML pages that live there, so outdated and sad.

Moving on. A recap of recent days:
On Friday after work Shawn and I raced to MoMA for the Target free Fridays, after 4:30 the normally $20 entrance fee is waived (or perhaps paid by Target? That is unclear). What is also unclear is WHY Target would sponsor something in the city where there are no Targets (same logic behind advertising in Times Square I guess). Maybe just for the tourists? Anyway, the museum was as expected. Very crowded but got to see some "important art." There were some pieces I like…

The Past or The Future

...depending on how you look at it. How cute was our Shawn boy?

103 Things I Hate About You, New York

If I can do a list of 212 things I'll miss about NYC, an equal list of things I won't miss should be doubly easy.It was not, so I had to scale back to 103, a play on our ZIP code. I started on June 10, and here it is 10 days later and I was stuck around 110 or so. I just had to give it in and know I couldn't come up with another 100 things to hate (and why force negativity anyway?) so condensed a little and landed here at 103.

Aside: 10 Things I Hate About You was one of my favorite movies -- I think it came out when I was a senior in high school or thereabouts. I love Julia Stiles (who by the by will be starring in the next season of Dexter -- huzzah!) and could watch the movie over and over -- not something that's true for many movies and me. But I digress. Like the movie, my relationship with the city is not really about hate but love-hate. Some of these are definitively HATE, while others are dual sided and could even be featured on the love list.
The bedbugs -- I kn…

Webcam Distortion

See how bad the pixilation is getting? It's like the internet is getting WEAKER in Oklahoma ... OR maybe the Fios people are messing with my TWC connection here. There were a wad of them in the lobby yesterday trying to sign up new customers. Another for my I Hate NYC list ... which is taking me longer than I expected!

Art Appreciation

... or lack thereof.

Maybe I could take a class or something to understand, but for whatever reason a slightly deflated inflatable toilet is not my idea of art. I'm OK if other people want to look at it, but as for me, I think one trip to the Whitney was enough. There were some pieces I liked and could see the artistic value. Others ... not so much. Like a series of snapshots of a kid playing. Great -- but in no way unique. I guess it's the story that goes along with them ... i.e. what the artist is trying to convey. But that was not evident just looking at these pictures of a kid in his PJ's. Anyway. Another bucket list item checked and I'm actually glad two floors were closed -- the price was cheaper and I didn't have to look at double the amount of weirdness. The gift "shop" was even a big disappointment. Live and learn.

I'm going to try to hit the other missing pieces of my NYC tourist time in the coming weeks, including a few more art museums tha…

Eight Hundredth: That Old Ache

I write about the ache every time Owen leaves. His absence surrounds me for a while and I feel so sad, knowing how much I miss between each visit and how happy his sweet face, voice and general demeanor make me feel.

After this trip realizing that being closer to him and the chance to be a bigger part of his life is a number one reason to be excited about the move to Baton Rouge. There are a million other things that are going to be amazing. And it goes without saying that where Shawn goes, I go. He is my main reason for everything. And he helps temper the hurt of saying goodbye after a fun, relaxing, BUSY week of vacationing in the city.

Not sure if I can chronicle everything ... but I do enjoy looking back on these vacation posts and remembering. Makes the photos somehow better/more complete with the words to accompany them. But I can do a quick hits post.
Tuesday was arrival day, and Owen took a nap. After that we went to Union Square Park, did some light shopping (first day of the …

My Week

Pretty much sums things up. More details later this week. Still in vacation mode but tomorrow afternoon will be back to work.