20 November 2017


People ask me about Jane's school, and I have different answers for different types of people.

Some people I know are very into private school, and they would get a positive, we love most everything about it and Jane's teacher answer.

Other people I know are not as enthused about exclusivity, so I'd give a more nuanced answer, talking about how we're not sure if we fit in or if we want to.

Both are technically true -- we especially love her teachers, but we don't mesh fully with the culture so far and certainly feel out of place. JANE doesn't feel out of place though, which is a good thing.

I think this is true for anything I experience -- I change my story to fit my audience. Is there any authenticity? Am I being just a people pleaser? Although really who do I please with this particular example? Who cares?

19 November 2017

Livia Did It

At a kids' birthday party today a dad understood Livia's name and told me about a podcast that once made a T-shirt called "Livia Did It" and how it's still a catch phrase in his current podcast. After some searching I found the podcast, but it seems the T-shirt was a one-off fundraiser in 2014. Darn, since that's a pretty cool shirt.

18 November 2017


I'm not usually productive, at least that's how it feels lately. But today I got a lot done by, at least by my standards.

Woke up and immediately started cleaning, since we're expecting company on Monday. Vacuumed, did some dusting and cleaned bathrooms while the girls played outside (they both really hate the vacuum, and I do too, but it's OK when I put on music and headphones). Also started the laundry, which is the typical Saturday thing for us.

I voted (ugh...no good choices).

Went to Target to buy a birthday gift since Amazon failed me and didn't deliver the package on time (hope to be able to return it, or just save it for another kid on another day). I saw Jane's first preschool teacher, but she didn't recognize me without kids. I still said hello. She was with her daughter, who's grown up a lot!

Stopped in Walmart quickly to buy conditioner -- I'd bought two shampoos and no conditioner earlier this week. Target didn't have the kind I wanted (a special edition "frosted cookie" set). I bought two conditioners, thinking that I'll either have two sets in case I really like it OR a set to give to my sister if it's only so-so.

Went to Trader Joe's to buy the turkey and some groceries (on second thought I should get my turkey at the store ... I don't cook it that well, and TJ only has HUGE ones ... 12 lb was the smallest ... and it's something that's actually MORE expensive than the grocery store -- TOO LATE NOW, as Jane would say).

Then went to Winn Dixie for the BIG grocery shop. Food for the week with guests and for the big dinner on Thursday -- oh, the menu is another freebie NaBloPoMo post spot. Shawn helped keep the laundry going and the girls in check. Laundry is *almost* done.

I'm pretty tired. Still have dinner to do (and frankly after buying so much food I don't feel like cooking at all!). In my meal planning I didn't account for today (or tomorrow!), so I guess we'll wing it with quesadillas or grilled cheese.

17 November 2017

Touch Type

Typing on my Kindle because I shut down my computer already. This has really become the hardest NaBloPoMo. I am lazy and tired. Uninspired.

My baby is a handful and still not sleeping all night. My six year old is temperamental and mouthy. Her arm is still broken.

My house is messy and cluttered. So is my mind, I guess.

Need to work on my grocery list. Start gift lists.

Drink some wine or tea. I found Lady Grey in the supermarket. I buy groceries. I don't "make" them. I'm not really from here, you know...

Maybe something better tomorrow...

16 November 2017


Ordered a "free" calendar on Shutterfly today -- one of those "just pay shipping" deals. It was about $9 with shipping and tax (because of course we pay tax on the shipping!). Not bad for a custom photo calendar, although I had to make it twice. When I clicked through the ad it automatically made a 12x12 calendar, and I didn't realize the size or that it wasn't part of the promotion. And of course there's no easy way to change the size and I had to start over from scratch. At least I had my photos picked out and uploaded already, but what a waste of work. I like to give wall calendars as gifts too, so I'll watch for other sales as we roll closer to Christmas.

I can't believe we are ONE WEEK from Thanksgiving. It's come so fast. In one week I have to make a full dinner for my family and in-laws. It will be fine, but I haven't even begun to think. We also need to clean house again (unfortunately the clean from Jane's party didn't "stick" and things are back to usual clutter and such).

I asked Jane what she wanted for Thanksgiving dinner and she said "scrambled eggs." I asked her again "WHAT?!" It took me a little bit to realize she meant DEVILED eggs. My heart, my heart, my heart. I love her. I hope she knows how much, especially in our challenging moments.

15 November 2017

What's the Point - A New Cast

I really can't believe I didn't blog on November 13. TEN YEARS of blogging every day of November... I sat a lot at my desk that day too, so it wasn't lack of opportunity. I just never opened the window, and I hadn't written it down on my Bullet Journal, which is still a ragtag effort.

Today I had a time warp. We had an appointment with the orthopedic doctor. He was actually in surgery, so they'd called me yesterday when his schedule changed to ask if we could come earlier and just see the PA. No problem, as this was just an X-ray and check to confirm the arm was still healing. I expected to be in and out faster than normal and get Jane to school before lunch (which for her is 10:30 am!)

After the X-ray we're finally called back and the PA tells us that the bone has shifted so we need to see a doctor today. Our care is being transferred to the pediatric orthopedic clinic (frankly it probably should have been transferred there in the first place, although the adult orthopedic doctor was great in the ER he's a doctor for adults, and a foot/ankle specialist at that).

So I'm panicking as we go downstairs, because the doctor told us before if her bone shifts we'd need to reset it, and to do that it's another sedation procedure, which we surely don't want. And then I start thinking what if it's SURGERY and needs to have a pin put in so that it will stay in place while it heals? And will a pin have to stay in forever? What will that mean for future air travel. She's SIX! And spinning out of control, crying a bit while waiting with her in the kid-friendly waiting room.

A half hour later, called back to the exam room. I'm not so nice to the receptionist when she asks me to fill out a form when we'd been waiting for a while already. Then we wait another ~20 minutes, at least, before the doctor comes in. He says it's no big deal, she's healing great and adult doctors are overly cautious with kids. He said it's within the range of normal and that the X-rays were taken at slightly different angles so it's not actually as bad as the PA read it.

He offers a new cast if Jane wants one that's smaller and more comfortable, even though she'll only need to wear this one for another week. (!!! As I was thinking we'd be casted for a full eight weeks, and this would put us at about 4 total.) She wanted, so we did, and I ponied up the $25 for waterproof, even though keeping the bigger, thicker one dry wasn't so bad, the ability to wash her hands regularly is a big selling point. Plus we're going to keep it on until after Thanksgiving, so it's really nearly 2 weeks of value. Happy Birthday to me.

A tie dyed cast (looks more camo on the roll) -- and you can see an ant bite still healing on her pinkie.
Princess place mat by Aunt B

14 November 2017

Facebook Black & White Photo Challenge

A friend tagged me on Facebook to the black & white photo challenge -- post one black and white photo per day for seven days. No people. No explanations. I was supposed to tag someone every day to challenge them. I didn't do that though -- REBEL! On the last day I did say anyone who hasn't done the challenge but wants to should consider themselves tagged by me. We'll see if anyone starts doing it. I feel like there's some ulterior motive here -- like whatever entity started this is getting something out of it. (???)

Anyway this is another easy NaBloPoMo post for me, just collecting those seven photos (and adding the explanations I didn't put on FB, as per the rules!). I really liked taking photos of objects, although some I took didn't always look good in black and white.

The text explains this one. Jane's sixth birthday cake!

Broom and leaves -- so many leaves have fallen. Liv was holding the broom off camera.

Books to read.

My girls' tennis shoes.

Tickets to the basketball game that Jane and I went to together.

A sandwich for lunch.

Target bags