I do not want people to be agreeable, as it saves me the trouble of liking them.
- Jane Austen

A little horrible, but I'm OK with that. And how funny that it's a JANE AUSTEN quote?!

Life is trudging along here. Last night was the Rockettes, which was FREAKING AMAZING... Well worth it, even if we were in the very back row, our view was amazing. I'm starting to love NYC...hopefully not too much. :)


/golden year

I'm officially 27. That's pretty scary.

My birthday was good. We went to a Mexican dive restaurant and I had a piece of cake. I'm hoping to score a Magnolia Bakery cupcake at some point. Meh. Thursday night we'll have the real fun - we're going to see the Rockettes! How groovy. :)


Fact of the Day: rubber bands
Stephen Perry, of the rubber manufacturer Messrs. Perry & Co., patented his design for vulcanized rubber bands on March 17, 1845. They were designed to secure "papers, letters, etc.

Pre- engagement photos

Here's a shot at arm's length in Shawn's apartment before we left. We had our engagement photos done by my cousin Lisa in Central Park on Saturday... one is posted on our wedding site, which I launched yesterday:

check it out! ~Mari.
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New Trisha!

Heaven, Heartache and the Power of Love!

Silly me gets excited every time a new Trisha Yearwood album comes out, and this week was no exception. Luckily I found the CD in K Mart - yep, there's K Mart in Manhattan... I could have gotten a better deal at Amazon or something - but who can wait? And it's a good CD. I'll probably listen to it incessantly, burn out, take a break, then add it to my rotation.

Things are rocking along here. Nothing major to report. Just getting into a groove and trying to figure out how best to do this thing -- plan the wedding I mean.


How Pedestrian

Without a car I'm walking everywhere. Working at "home" isn't really giving me much of a commute, but for groceries, hooks for the walls and anything else I might need - I'm hoofing it. Yesterday I walked 28 blocks to Bed, Bath & Beyond. Kinda crazy, but it's good for me. However, it's finally getting cold here - and frigid temps mean I'm less likely to get moving out there... Especially when it's dark. I'm sleeping or working all the hours of daylight (for the most part). Anyway. I do have my daily jaunt to the post office. Charming.


Continual Annoyances

The post office rented a box to Shawn. He got it, tried the key, and yes, it works. All is well. (The box is for me and is in my name) I go to check my mail today - the key doesn't work. Turns out, they turned over the box back to its previous owner WITHOUT notifying us. SO... who knows where my mail is, or how long this will take me to unravel. I've changed all my credit cards, other mailings, etc. already. I should just have everything sent to my "work" address and say "Screw You, USPS!" GEEZ.


Day One

Working from home is certainly not easy, but I think it can grow on me. I have made it through the first day and was reasonably productive. I know the days will go by faster when I get really busy/have lots to do. But for now, organizing and sorting my files and office supplies, in addition to regular day-to-day web site updating, e-mailing, etc. will keep me busy.

To the post office!!!


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