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Reviews: Fat Girl and First Love

Fat Girl: A True Story by Judith Moore
My reviewrating: 2 of 5 stars
Short book/memoir. Another story about an overweight child (the last one I read was Moose, about fat camp. I read it with more interest than normal because the girl's parents met in Stillwater, although she never uses the name of the town. She had a horrible childhood with just her mother, who beat her and made her feel terrible for being overweight. I don't really remember if I was an obese child. From photos I don't think so, I just FELT big because I was the oldest in my family. But I was never made to feel fat. And I had a super-solid family life with supportive parents and grandparents who would love me no matter what. So I guess this book caused me to reflect more on my life than on anything that happened in the author's life. Which was maybe the point.

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First Love by Joyce Carol Oates
My reviewrating: 2 of 5 stars
Quick read that didn't really make me want to write a review. D…

If I Knew You Were Coming ...

I basically made what would be 1/4 of a sheet cake - golden vanilla with a homemade buttercream icing. Yummo. I definitely got a good scald on the frosting.

We spent the day at a street festival near our apartment, eating lunch from one of the vendors in Washington Square Park under a tree. It was really great weather. We also bought new umbrellas, ZIP code T-shirts (super soft) and a leather journal. I also got some fun magnets, including a super cool original Star Trek one. I have WAY too many magnets, and most (99%) are packed away.

Here's Shawn at the festival:

Happy Anniversary!

Go Magic!

Updates and photos from our anniversary day to come.

Review: The Gun Seller

The Gun Seller by Hugh Laurie
My reviewrating: 2 of 5 stars
My loyalty to Hugh Laurie is going to have to end with his acting work. While the writing itself was clever and full of wordplay the general plot of this book was a bit hard to follow and the character development was non-existent. It was actually hard for me to keep characters straight because they were all so alike and cardboard-ish. Shawn loved this book though, which is good since it was a gift to him for his birthday this year Christmas last year. So maybe you'd like it too.

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***EDIT: My mistake about when Shawn received this as a gift.***


Look at this! It's a Spock figurine that my mom just sent me. It's made to look like Zachary Quinto. HA! He's going to be working alongside me on my desk from now on. AND he even has a change-able hand ... He can either hold the phaser or do the Vulcan salute (or Vulcan Valediction, as Shawn and I have dubbed it). He even has his own work station and chair! Science Officer reporting for duty! HUZZAH.

The black cardboard thing is just for show/the packaging, although I'd be lying if I said I wasn't going to cut the Star Trek part out and affix it in my planner.

The silver/grey thing beside his name card is the Star Trek emblem. It says it's a figure stand, but I have no idea how he's supposed to stand on it. It does, however, seem to clip nicely to my shirt.

Also in the picture, a non-plugged-in purple lamp, a mirror that's almost always flipped away from me unless there are pores to inspect, my new business cards - you never know when you'll need to h…

Go to Mars With Me

Hello there. I just filled out a form to have my name carried to Mars on a NASA microchip in 2011. Care to join me? You can also see where the most sign ups have come from on this map (come on Oklahoma, get it together!)

Now Filming: Step-Up 3-D

Right - another day with a staff meeting, another day with a movie shoot outside my window (meaning idling giant trucks) making it even harder to hear, participate, etc. Oh, and did I mention the meeting is at 9 am, requiring an earlier up-and-at-em. It's one thing to start working at 9, it's another to be up and prepared for a meeting. I still don't think I'm ready. My luck it will be delayed too. I slept SO badly last night.

Here's a video of Step Up 2, so you get an idea of what I might see today and tomorrow:

Epershand, at 28.5

A few weeks ago, I purchased this epershand necklace from Etsy seller Isette. I saw it on MightyGoods and fell in love with the curvy curl (reminiscent of my wedding stationery designs), plus MG said "for the copy editor in your life." WELL, I'm the only CE in my life (although that's only a small part of my life) ... I decided to get it.

I have worn it somewhat a lot (at least for me). Wore it to both weddings I went to in May. I figured my journalism friends would like it, but no one said anything about it. Then at the second wedding I got tons of compliments. Huh. Makes me happy to see it on my neck though, so that's what matters I'd say!

I'll be honest that I didn't know what an epershand was before this necklace. Epershand is what the Scots call an ampersand, or "and sign." Anyway, I really like this necklace, even though it looks sort of like an "E" ... I guess in another lifetime that would have been ideal (see: eels, music).


NYC Tourist Ideas

My cousin Micah e-mailed me about visiting New York. I wrote him a novel, so thought I would adapt it for my blog ... This may become a series or something because I continue to find NYC things that would have been SO HELPFUL to know about when I moved here (the easiest way to get to Target, stores in the city that carry Target-type stuff ... other than K-Mart, etc.).

Shawn and I saw Wicked and LOVED it - definitely recommend it as a Broadway show to see. If you want to be SURE you get tickets you can go online - probably Ticketmaster. But if you feel like taking a chance you can go to the box office when you get here - the prices should be the same as online, but you save any Internet fees. I'm not sure how popular Wicked is (probably pretty popular?) but some of the shows that need help getting the theater filled will have tickets on sale at a couple TKTS booths - there's one at South Street Sea Port (which is a cool place to check out in general - it's near the Brooklyn …

Review: Her Last Death

Her Last Death by Susanna Sonnenberg
My reviewrating: 2 of 5 stars
Another fast, entertaining read, although I did take issue with some of it. It's a memoir of this woman's life with her mother, who raised her and her sister.

In the first part of the book I felt sympathy for the daughter/writer. But as the book continued it seemed to evolve into just a blame game, wherein her mother's shortcomings caused the writer's life problems, particularly in her love life. That's not to say the mother was blameless, but it didn't seem like the writer cut her much slack, especially since she's made it through all of that and now has a happy family - husband, two kids, etc.

My heart ached for the mother, who is still alive and would read this book, not to mention the writer's kids, who will someday read about their mother's sexual escapades, which the writer suggests she did because of the influence of her mother.

I wouldn't necessarily recommend this, BUT it did…

Star Trek Revisited

You know you're in a theater full of geeks when the audience APPLAUDS a Transformers movie preview. I was cracking up!

There was also applause when Leonard Nimoy came on screen for the first time (including one Dr. Walker).

Loved the movie. LOVED Zachary Quinto.

To illustrate our Trekki-ness (mine cultivated only since I met SW), here's a picture my friend Megan took at our wedding ... almost one year ago! The look on my face is contorted and weird - something I didn't notice when I looked at the pictures before (probably because it's one of the few shots where my dress doesn't look like it's flopping open at the top), but still posting because it works.

Live long and prosper.

Review: The Wednesday Letters

The Wednesday Letters by Jason F. Wright
My reviewrating: 3 of 5 stars

I finished this book in just over a day. It's pretty sappy and reminded me a lot of The Notebook, which I liked better. But due to hormones and what have you, I did cry a bit. It is romantic, although the character development was a bit forced.

So the book is set during the weekend of the funeral for a couple who were married a long time, ran a B&B and had three grown kids. Each Wednesday he wrote her a letter (I wasn't clear if he chose Wed because they were married on a Wed or what). The kids find the letters after the parents die and spend the weekend grieving and reading the letters, which reveal a secret about the family.

I love the idea of writing a letter each week to your spouse. I'm about a year too late for that, but I think I'd like to do a letter each year on our anniversary, summarizing our year. Probably the IDEA of that was what got to me emotionally more than any of the writing or tr…

See Owen's Fingers Fly

A snapshot from webcamming - Owen typing a message. What a sugar britches!

Random Finding

I get NIH press releases at work - and they have a podcast for healthy pregnancy. I didn't listen to it, but in scanning the tips (hey, I definitely want to put them to use someday!) I saw this: "A normal pregnancy lasts 40 weeks, Dr. Spong said. Doctors consider delivery before 37 weeks to be preterm."

SO - 40 weeks/4 weeks per month = 10 months.


(Even pre-term - 37 weeks/4 weeks per month is 9.25 months!)

On His Way to Kindergarten

Last night was Pre-K graduation. What a cuterson graduate!

Weekend in Virginia Beach - Chronology

Shawn reviews the map in the rental car, and I'm so excited to be in the front seat!

We arrived in Virginia Beach at about 10:30 a.m. on Saturday. The flight was really fast, and it was easy to get the rental car and get on our way. We met up with Shawn's parents at the VB visitor's center and went to eat. After driving around and around looking for a place to eat, we landed at the Waterman's Grill, near our hotel and the setting for the wedding reception. We saw the bride there (she was having a bridal lunch with her girls) and were treated to gorgeous views and sunny, sunny weather.

After lunch with the in-laws, we went to the hotel and were wowed by the view. Kapow!

The Original Walker Family (Dale, Steve and Shawn) and Walker Family 2.0 (Shawn and Mari)

We also walked by the water and sat on a bench. We're thrill seekers, you know. (We did outlast a brief rain shower)

The Walker Men, and Shawn dips his toes in the Atlantic Ocean.

Mari on the Beach, and Three Walkers …


My friend (from TFAS Days in DC) Zach will be "in jail" this Thursday for the Muscular Dystrophy Association. I made a donation to bail him out. You can too at

My co-worker's daughter is running a race Susan G. Komen Global Race for the Cure. You can donate too at Julie's Page.

The New York Public Library is getting a bit of buzz on the blogosphere, and as a patron I'm on their mailing list for the Dream Raffle 2009. (There was also a call to e-mail your city council person from the Library, which I did a while back, but now I'm wondering if I should keep doing it/bombardment!) I pay a CRAP load of taxes to this city, and I'd really like them to apply some/a lot of it to the services I use, like the library. I know that's not a realistic way of looking at things, but anyway. Anyway, on the raffle, no purchase necessary, but still nice to make a donation. Maybe I'll win something.

What are your favori…

Filet Crochet and Sea Shells

Jonson Filet Crochet - May 09
Originally uploaded by silvermari So, the foreshadowed crochet project, which was really quick. It's not perfect, but I used Excel to get it to the right size (this is 5x7 in an 8x10 frame). To avoid a ridonkulously long piece, I added the hearts at the top and bottom, although once I went to look for frames (of course AFTER completing the crochet portion of the piece), I saw they did have some long skinny frames. But I think this looks great.

The unusual/different part is the seashells that I glued to the frame. Kim & Tom got married in Clearwater Beach, FL, so while collecting shells on the beach during their wedding day, I had this idea. I found the blue paper at Paper & Presentations on 18th St btwn 5th and 6th Aves here in NYC - I have about 8 more sheets of various shades of blue. This one was the best I thought - not too dark, but dark enough that the white Jonson and hearts are viewable.

I'm sure this isn't something they need - bu…

Ocean Front Room: Video for Owen

Video from yesterday when Shawn was in the shower getting ready for Gunther and Jennie's wedding. OMG it was a great party - a great weekend really. A more detailed post is coming soon, but wanted to throw this video up. How amazing to have an ocean view?!?!

Mathematical Love Song

Went to a party tonight, and this was mentioned. Basically every time anyone mentioned ANYTHING someone pulled out an iPhone or similar to look it up. What's the record for pogo jumping? Let me look it up.

And ... don't get me started about talking about Cambridge (said in a nasal-y hoity toity accent). It's not as impressive to talk about how you're associated with Harvard when everyone in the room is SOMEHOW associated with some Ivy League school. (Save spouses, or maybe just me.) Whatevs.

I don't understand this video at all - but when we played it tonight Shawn laughed, so I guess it's something.

Jackie's Twins' Blankies May 2009

Jackie's Twins' Blankies May 2009
Originally uploaded by silvermari Duhn, duhn, duhn.

The project that would not end ENDED! I used WAY too small of thread/yarn, so each blanket has more than 200 shells (each shell is 3-sc and 3-DC). That's a lotta stitches, especially when you DOUBLE it for the second blankie. So this is quite a relief that I have it finished.

Unfortunately I'm not going to make it to Jackie's baby shower - I can't justify the $$ to come down for a single day, but I am sending them to the shower hostess in an effort to build up the gift pile for the mom-to-be.

Another, more abbreviated, crochet project is drying/being blocked ... so hopefully that will be post-able tomorrow. If not, I'll do it after we get back from Virginia Beach and Chris & Jennie's wedding!!!

M&M's FTW!

M&Ms arranged in my initials - given out free at today's NYU graduation parties or something in Shawn's department. Yeay for free PURPLE M&Ms. NYC has some redeeming qualities.

Seen Around Today

I want this “Newly Married” necklace - but it’s almost my one-year anniversary. Shouldn’t I be less excited about my new name?

Don't Bite Me Patch: How it Works »

Uh, this makes it sound like it COULD work for bedbugs - and I bet it’s safer than DEET bugspray … I sent away for a free sample. I’m not actually getting new bites, but I’m as paranoid as ever.

Funniest Site EVER: Awkward Family Photos. We have a classic one that cracks us up - it's an 11x13 (or whatever the biggest size is) photo from when I was about 3 and Beth was probably 1 and a half. She's woozy looking, I've got self-cut bangs and my mom's glasses. Oh, totally 80s! Love it.

Anniversary Cards

I can't believe I didn't include this in my Florida post - but the CUTEST thing was done at Kim & Tom's wedding. I'm not sure if it's a secret from them, but whatever, I'm 99% sure she doesn't read this.

Anyway, their reception had 15 tables of people. And someone had purchased 15 anniversary cards - and each table signed one. They'll be given/sent (?) to Kim & Tom on the respective anniversary (1st, 2nd, etc.). We got the 11th (2020, b/c we're her journalism friends and 20-20 is a news show - clever, right?).

I just thought that was the BEST idea - what a great wedding gift all guests can work together to give the happy couple.

And another cute thing was that the DJ announced their "three hour anniversary."

Wasted Time?

At 5:30 I left work/home to go to Bumble & Bumble University - a "model" call for people willing to be guinea pigs for student hair stylists. You go, have your hair reviewed, choose the haircut and then schedule the appointment with the

A ~25 minute walk to the Meatpacking District (and I saw Scott Speedman - swoon! - at the corner of Perry & West 4th). Then I get to the building and wait in line.

And wait.

And wait.

And wait some more.

The call was 5:45 - 6:15. I got there at 6 and wasn't in a "consultation" chair until probably 6:50. The line wrapped around the open space with all the stylist chairs - so I could see and hear the various consultants working with the different women there. Always touching their hair, always having a 2-5 minute conversation about their hair, style, etc.

Yeah, I get in my chair, fill out my form and when my turn finally comes the guy looks at me, doesn't shake my hand (maybe they only shake pretty girls' hands?) and say…

In All the World

OK - I wrote the last post late at night, feeling a little desperate. The light of day (and a couple relatively itch-free days ... knock on wood) have me feeling somewhat more optimistic about life in general and New York specifically.

Statue of Liberty Crown is re-opening this summer. Wonder if Owen would like to go to it... Will require winning a lottery or something. He'll definitely want to SEE it when he comes next (hopefully this summer - maybe the week when Shawn is in Norway).

In two weekends (i.e. NEXT weekend) - another trip OUT of NYC for Gunther & Jennie's wedding in Virginia Beach. ALSO we'll get to see Shawn's mom and dad - who are going to make the drive from Danville to have lunch with us on Saturday. (Shawn's aunt has a beach house share farther south, so they'll be traveling anyway. It's totally out of the way but to me, totally worth it! Love my in-laws!!!)

For what I've been lacking in crafting I've been doing OK in the cooking …


Waiting for Shawn to return before we pop in the DVD tonight. (All About Eve)

I woke up this morning with three suspicious bites on my leg. Yesterday my ankles were itching like mad, which I chalked up to sunburn, but now not so sure. RIGHT, just what I need on top of all the other depressing crap that I allow myself to wallow in deeply.

So I tweet about the itching/bites and a pest control company writes back: @silver_mari If you are having bites it may have been instars new born bedbugs. Go to our site and read about them.

Their site doesn't tell me much that I didn't know - although I didn't know you could buy a $300 thing to "treat" your possessions - somehow I don't believe it one bit. And they almost make it seem like the eggs can bite you - that doesn't seem right. Also, I had to look up instars - which means newborn bedbugs.

I'm hoping that it's just paranoia, but I'm pretty sure it's not. I'm not reacting violently…

Laptop Resurrection

So, I turned my laptop on Monday night - I was going to hook it up to my work monitor to do a little Indiahoma UMC Web site work (mild re-design coming soon ... about time since the site was put together when I was a senior in college, i.e. nearly SIX years ago). {You'll recall that the laptop screen was dead last time I checked.} But when I turn the laptop on - I'll be darned if it didn't just turn on and light right up. WTH?

I don't know what the deal is - I hadn't tried to turn it on since March 23, the night before the RA awards event/big day, when the back light died and I had to get up extra early to go do last minute work at the office, making my big day even longer. ARGH!

So the back light works now (for now) but there seems to be an issue with XP - basically it's displaying as Windows 98. And the wifi connectivity doesn't show up - there's no way to select networks or connect to (I did minimal trouble shooting and ended up just connecting directl…

White Sand, Aqua Green Water, Azure Sky

OK - Florida probably has the best beaches I've ever been to - which isn't saying much I know, coming from a land-locked state. The sand was so white and soft and cool to the touch. The water was so clear and blue-green. While we were there the sky was so clear and blue - a deep azure that was so calming.

Hotel, Motel, Holiday Inn...

This being the start of the "low" season, the beaches weren't too crowded (and the motel rates were cheaper). We stayed at the Club Monaco Motel, which was a nice beachy motel. They had Lisa soap, which was really funny (I already sent this picture to my cousin Lisa). The room was clean, but small. We spent most of our time outside or at the wedding anyway, so it served its purpose!

Sunblock & burn

Yeah, I am TERRIBLE at applying sunscreen. I mean, I start the day with it, and even sometimes I'll reload. But inevitably I miss spots. I've tried creams and sprays - either way I end up with funky striped burns. Painful. This tim…

Flickr Challenge - Five Months Later?

Type your answer to the questions into flickr search
-Using only the first page, pick an image
-Copy and paste each of the urls in the Mosaic Maker1. What is your first name?
2. What is your favorite food?
3.What high school did you go to?
4.What is your favorite color?
5.Who is your celebrity crush?
6.What is your favorite drink?
7.What is your dream vacation?
8.What is your favorite dessert?
9.What do you want to do when you grow up?
10.Who/what do you love most in life?
11.Choose one word that describes you?
12.What is your Flickr name?
1. Mari on the run!, 2. Cheesecake, 3. Desert Flowers, 4. Gotham City, 5. vincent d'onofrio, 6. Week 35: classic., 7. double and supernumerary rainbows, 8. Clickstart My Heart, 9. ..Precious Things.., 10. superheroes, 11. Fat Bottomed Girls They'll Be Riding Today, 12. look!

Teaser: Florida Weekend

I didn't take as many photos as I should have, but I've got plenty to write about from our weekend in the sun for Kim & Tom's wedding.