Laptop Resurrection

So, I turned my laptop on Monday night - I was going to hook it up to my work monitor to do a little Indiahoma UMC Web site work (mild re-design coming soon ... about time since the site was put together when I was a senior in college, i.e. nearly SIX years ago). {You'll recall that the laptop screen was dead last time I checked.} But when I turn the laptop on - I'll be darned if it didn't just turn on and light right up. WTH?

I don't know what the deal is - I hadn't tried to turn it on since March 23, the night before the RA awards event/big day, when the back light died and I had to get up extra early to go do last minute work at the office, making my big day even longer. ARGH!

So the back light works now (for now) but there seems to be an issue with XP - basically it's displaying as Windows 98. And the wifi connectivity doesn't show up - there's no way to select networks or connect to (I did minimal trouble shooting and ended up just connecting directly to our modem/router). When I was looking at the settings, it looks like the normal XP-look set-up file has been deleted - I mean, how could that evaporate? WHY? And what does it have to do with the backlight dying (or I guess in reality it was just napping/giving me a story and something to b*tch about on March 24).

I mean, I guess I'm happy that I can still do personal web work and such on this computer, and I GUESS I can still take it with me traveling for work and whatever, but it's a giant clunky heavy piece of ... there you go.

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