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OK - I wrote the last post late at night, feeling a little desperate. The light of day (and a couple relatively itch-free days ... knock on wood) have me feeling somewhat more optimistic about life in general and New York specifically.

Statue of Liberty Crown is re-opening this summer. Wonder if Owen would like to go to it... Will require winning a lottery or something. He'll definitely want to SEE it when he comes next (hopefully this summer - maybe the week when Shawn is in Norway).

In two weekends (i.e. NEXT weekend) - another trip OUT of NYC for Gunther & Jennie's wedding in Virginia Beach. ALSO we'll get to see Shawn's mom and dad - who are going to make the drive from Danville to have lunch with us on Saturday. (Shawn's aunt has a beach house share farther south, so they'll be traveling anyway. It's totally out of the way but to me, totally worth it! Love my in-laws!!!)

For what I've been lacking in crafting I've been doing OK in the cooking area. Travel to me means magazines, and I've come to love the home magazines - Ladies Home Journal, Better Homes & Gardens, First, etc. And those always have recipes in them that make me think hmmm... So, last night I made pork chops and sweet potato fries from a recipe in First. And on Cinco de Mayo we had enchiladas that I made from a Campbell's Soup recipe! (Ads get me too!) Tonight I am going to try a chicken and rice with sugar snap peas. Ordering groceries online makes recipe building fun - although FreshDirect doesn't ALWAYS have everything I need (they NEVER have cream of chicken soup ... what's up with that? My enchildas used cream of mushroom soup, which wasn't too bad).

Shawn and I had our six-month dental check ups. I used to have great teeth - strong, healthy and clean. Uh ... apparently my teeth are "groove-y" (not a surprise, as we know Mari is straight up GROOVY) ... anyway, ANOTHER visit to the dentist (like my fifth in a month, when you count the retainer trips) to have a small cavity filled. Of course this time I'm going to demand they do the silver, since my insurance covers that and NOT the white nice kind, and I'd rather spend my cash on new shorts and bathing suits!

Speaking of shopping, the dental hygeniest told us both to get an electric toothbrush - and that Philips Sonicare is the best. I have had the WORST time trying to figure out the best to buy - but this is what I've come up with: Flexcare Special Edition. I haven't pulled the trigger yet (I should soon - since every time you look at it Amazon marks it down and will start INCREASING the price ... possibly fixed by clearing the cache), but the reviews all seem pretty good - it comes with two handles and two chargers. I'm justifying it (and the expense of replacement heads etc.) by the fact that it SHOULD reduce the number of dental trips (score) and therefore dental expenses in the future. I like my groovy/groove-y teeth just fine, but I'd rather not get those grooves filled, which is basically how the dentist explained things to me. Meh.

I also got my dental molds from the retainer - the dentist said I can use them again if I ever need to have another replacement made. So that's pretty cool. Too bad I didn't keep my original ones with me - maybe it would have been less expensive to get new retainers if they didn't have to do the molds. I'm also worried that the insurance is going to/has reneged on their promise to pay half of the cost - but the dentist admin staff didn't mention it so I didn't either. They're not the most helpful people.

Yeah - I did a photo shoot with my tye-dye NYU athletics T-shirt. Get it? GROOVY Baby. Yeah, I know.

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