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hair today

One of the first ways I used the internet was to search for hair ideas - products, techniques, anything to give me an idea how to handle this mop of frizz that tormented me throughout high school.

Now I can coerce my hair into varying styles - a spiral curl is easy; straightening is harder to do, especially depending on the weather, and I can do a variety of up-dos. But I can't get a good haircut. It's like I won't pay the money, won't take the time, and I end up with a crazy chop that stresses me out and leads to ponytail after ponytail.

My obsession with hair doesn't stop with working with it. I don't drop cash on cuts, but I will drop endless amounts on hair products. Shampoos give me a thrill. I love trying new conditioners - and styling agents - gel, mousse, curling sprays, smoothing serums, leave-in conditioners, hair sprays, spritzers, frizz reducers. And I have more clips, brushes, combs, hot tools, etc. than one person needs.

But what does it mean? Pro…

how i like my coffee...

strong, black and hot.

no milk, thank-you-very-much. i don't like the caffeine to be diluted. plus i really dig the taste!


Luke 12:13-21

I heard a useful sermon two weeks ago (Aug. 12). "Everything must go." It struck a chord, not only because Pastor Tonya delivered it (she has a way of speaking directly to my heart) but also because I need to review my possessions and shed as many as possible. I'm not quite at "everything must go," but I'm making a concerted effort to become less of a hoarder.

The sermon even referenced the TLC show "Clean Sweep." This obsession with possession or "the passion to possess" is something I struggle with, although not as diligently as I could or should. Mostly I just give in - worry about consequences later. But there are immediate consequences for me - for this hoarding mentality. Financially, physically I'm crowded out, my continual purchases. I have more to haul as I move about. Just too much. I soothe my troubled soul with these shopping trips - somehow the action of spending money alleviates the stress and upset feelings, but of cou…

perhaps, perhaps, perhaps

that is such a good song, in english or spanish.

work is CRAZY. so many insane things happened today. when i was telling shawn he told me i should write them down. it could be a sit com or something - at least some interesting anecdotes down the line. maybe Ridiculous!America or something like that. people are just funny.

Reading "Looking for God in Harry Potter" and there's some literary criticism. I hadn't been exposed to that for a long time and had forgotten how much I liked it. The last time I took a lit class, from a Dr. WALKER, I got a B, and never looked back. The only B at OSU, but I digress. Anyway, the discussion of Great Books and themes and the way things fit together made me want to create such a thing. We'll see though. We'll see.


Nina Totin' Bag

Holly sent me this today. It's too funny -- and of course on back order. Hilarious.


Virginia Beach in Photos

Sweet Shawn gets in the waves!


Mari in the waves! Aiyiyiah!!!

Shawn with our "small family" bike. (We had a coupon) It's a bicycle built for two -- we rode for nearly two hours!

These are the best of. I'll post the rest at Flickr. ~Mari.

daddy sang bass...

mama sang falsetto...

Shawn and I heard a Guns N Roses song in a pizza joint and he told me the guy was singing falsetto then explained to me what that meant. Then we're listening to my MP3 collection on the drive home and Johnny Cash's "Daddy Sang Bass" came on. For some reason Shawn turned it into "Daddy Sang Bass, Mama Sang Falsetto" and did a funny falsetto voice. I thought we were going to run off the road we were laughing so hard. Maybe we just have weird senses of humour. I think that's OK though. It reminded me of how much I laugh with the people I love most - my mama and little sister.

Overall Shawn and I had a great time at the beach. Whenever I get myself in gear and upload the photos, well I'll have proof. :)

We played mini golf in a "3-D" indoor place - they had this weird paint on everything, you had to wear glasses and there were black lights to make it extra weird. We had fun. I was wearing a black dress though, so the fuzz al…

To the beach

Character is what you have left when you've lost everything you can lose.
- Evan Esar
Shawn and I are leaving for Virginia Beach in approximately one hour. Look for photos and stories next week!

Have a great weekend. ~M.

photo review

I've been reviewing my photo files, moving all the bath pictures, blurry shots and other non-desirable photos out of my screen saver folder. I came across some photos that make me happy, so I'm sharing:

Owen at the water tank on "The Red Hill" (house where my Grandpa grew up) -- there's a picture of my dad standing at the water tank when he was two, a picture of me standing at the water tank when I was two, and now this picture of Owen. Was it really necessary that he be wearing his FUNNY britches?

This is me and Owen. Isn't he precious? Most precious after a bath.

My two boys on a tractor: Shawn and Owen. (This was also on The Red Hill)


an oldie but a goodie

what a precious moo hoo!


A crocheted ring

This is a ring I crocheted. It's a "cocktail" ring. Pretty funny.

Today was an unhappy day at work, and thinking of different things. I am webcamming now though, so things are looking up. Owen is great. I will be glad to go home for his birthday. ALSO, tomorrow is a new day.

PROMISE I will write an MSCL before this weekend.