daddy sang bass...

mama sang falsetto...

Shawn and I heard a Guns N Roses song in a pizza joint and he told me the guy was singing falsetto then explained to me what that meant. Then we're listening to my MP3 collection on the drive home and Johnny Cash's "Daddy Sang Bass" came on. For some reason Shawn turned it into "Daddy Sang Bass, Mama Sang Falsetto" and did a funny falsetto voice. I thought we were going to run off the road we were laughing so hard. Maybe we just have weird senses of humour. I think that's OK though. It reminded me of how much I laugh with the people I love most - my mama and little sister.

Overall Shawn and I had a great time at the beach. Whenever I get myself in gear and upload the photos, well I'll have proof. :)

We played mini golf in a "3-D" indoor place - they had this weird paint on everything, you had to wear glasses and there were black lights to make it extra weird. We had fun. I was wearing a black dress though, so the fuzz all over it was obvious and gross. (I know a black dress isn't beachy BUT we'd gone to a fancy schmancy restaurant (Catch 31) and I wanted to look nice.)

We also got to see some street performances - a "famous" yo-yo'er (Shawn has one of his instructional DVDs) and a German juggler/performer who did funny things on a unicycle and with people from the crowd. Plus we had major fun in the water. I'd forgotten about going into the waves. It'd been a while since I'd gone out and gotten so wet AND SANDY.

Reminds me of a poem, I think by Shel Silverstein. I'll look it up. Anyway, I had so much sand in my bathing suit, probably a full pound. It had creeped its way through the lining and was between the layers of fabric. Too gross! Well I can't find the poem. Anyone else remember it? Something like "Sand sand everywhere, but something how can it be...when there's so much sand on me." I may be confusing it with another poem about something else entirely. Oh well.

Photos to follow. I hope on Tuesday. ~Mari.

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