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Jane Wants a Lesson

Some Things I Know from NLP

Norma Lee is my great aunt. She's my grandpa's sister on my dad's side.

Growing up, she lived about 45 minutes away from us in Frederick. (She still lives there, now in a nursing home, but I now live about 11 hours and 45 minutes away!)

Beth and I would spend a week every summer with her and other times throughout the year, including a couple New Year's Eve parties with our second cousins. She didn't have children of her own, but I don't think she could have loved us more if we were her direct descendents.

Lately I've found myself thinking of all the wonderful things we got to do at her house, probably in part because I'm starting to envision Jane's childhood and how it will compare with my own.

At NLP's, we did crafts: puff paint on plastic visors and T-shirts, beaded bracelets made of safety pins, drawing our own fashion lines, etc.

She had a killer Lego collection and we could express our creativity that way.

She took us to get hair cuts -- …

Homeowner Anniversary

It was a year ago today that we closed on the house.

Even with unexpected expenses, we can definitely say that home ownership has been good to us. Happy Anniversary!

I've started a garden -- getting the weeds out took a lot of work but I got it done and have sprouts. I'll try to add more photos as things progress.

Fun fact: our neighbor Miss Caroline told Shawn that the previous owners buried their dog in this plot. I mean, come on. First, why bury your dog in the garden AND second, why tell me about it?

As my friend Holly said when I told her: just let sleeping dogs lie ...

Clear Out

Work has been interminably slow this week. So on Friday I cleaned out my trunks in the guest bedroom. I didn't get rid of everything, but I did combine the two trunks contents into one and made a big box to donate.

Some of the things I found were notes -- from high school buddies and pen pals I'd long forgotten I had. What I'd really be interested in are reading my letters to them, but I'm sure they're long gone too. I read through them one more time -- Ashli, Kim, Trina, Jennifer. Girls I met at a camp, at least according to the letters. Without the letters I probably wouldn't have remembered any of them, except maybe Trina because I remember we corresponded for a while and then I screwed up her last name on a letter and never heard from her again.

Just more examples of Swiss cheese in my memory. Gah! It's why I need to write everything down -- to remember it. And it's why I write weekly letters about Jane's progress, because I know all of this wil…

TIBTI(Do Not)L: Clear Shampoo

So my TIBTIL (things i bought that i love) series has been a smashing success ... uh. Perhaps it's because I'm not buying anything? HA!

It's more like nothing I buy is worth writing about and/or I'm not thinking "blog post" while shopping. ANYWAY.

I do have something to add to the list of Things that I Bought that I DON'T Love: Clear Shampoo.

It's this new shampoo and conditioner line that's got Heidi Klum as the spokesperson. I actually bought the shampoo samples at Target before I saw the ads (I don't dislike HK, but I would have realized how hokey it was with the celebrity "endorsement").

Basically the shampoo and conditioner are exactly the same as Pantene (i.e. cheap and weird smelling), except with the added bonus of chemical colorant to make the actual shampoo and conditioner a nice lavender shade.

Normally purple is my jam, but for this ... not so much. (At least not until I go fully grey ... and I don't think these produ…

By the Numbers

I'm not a super coupon person. I'm definitely drawn to clearance sales and getting a bargain, but I'm not on the level of a TLC couponer show.

But this week I've scored some pretty good deals, some thanks to my blog reading.

For example, tonight we're having Papa John's pizza. Using the code "party50" and ordering online I got 50% off. I was able to get an order of cheese sticks with our pizza for less than the "Monday Mania" price for the pizza alone (which is already a good deal). Plus no delivery charge or tip because Shawn will pick it up! The code is supposed to be good through July 4. (source)

I do use Winn Dixie Rewards to earn gas points. And I am drawn to the little "earn 5 cents extra per gallon" stickers -- throughout the store and in their ads. Because I only need to fill up once a month (staying home most every day will do that for you) I can earn close to $2 off per gallon. Last week I filled up and paid $1.22 per gal…

Anti Social

I don't like my last post.

I don't like it at all.

It shows my insecurities -- about clothes/style, about my baby compared to others, etc. etc.

But I'll leave it up there anyway -- there is a cute baby pic on there after all.


My job's email switched to gmail around the time I came back from maternity leave, and a little bit later they turned on gchat. Ugh.

There is a way to look at email and sign out of chat, so I do that mostly if I'm looking at email online. It isn't like a lot of people are messaging me or dying to talk to me. It's just that it never fails that I'll be in the middle of something and whammo! A drawn out IM session -- about work or otherwise.

I'm almost never signed into chat on my own gmail, and I think I've had one Facebook chat conversation. And that was accidental -- somehow settings got reset and I wasn't invisible on that chat anymore.

I think it's indicative of my anti-social behavior? Except online chat…