Clear Out

Work has been interminably slow this week. So on Friday I cleaned out my trunks in the guest bedroom. I didn't get rid of everything, but I did combine the two trunks contents into one and made a big box to donate.

Some of the things I found were notes -- from high school buddies and pen pals I'd long forgotten I had. What I'd really be interested in are reading my letters to them, but I'm sure they're long gone too. I read through them one more time -- Ashli, Kim, Trina, Jennifer. Girls I met at a camp, at least according to the letters. Without the letters I probably wouldn't have remembered any of them, except maybe Trina because I remember we corresponded for a while and then I screwed up her last name on a letter and never heard from her again.

Just more examples of Swiss cheese in my memory. Gah! It's why I need to write everything down -- to remember it. And it's why I write weekly letters about Jane's progress, because I know all of this will one day be a blurry memory.

One forgotten note that I found:

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Sugar is sweet
And you could be too

But your roses are wilted
Your violets are dead
Your sugar bowl's empty
Just like your head.

It isn't signed and I don't recognize the handwriting. I'm assuming it's a joke, because something that mean I'd surely remember. It is folded up with another piece of notebook paper that reads: Happy heart day Baby Baby, but that's in different handwriting.

Really who knows, but into the trash it goes.

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