plasma pong

Shawn's sitting in my kitchen, playing plasma pong. Something mathematical about it. I dunno.

Not really much to say. I'm thinking of starting to write "creatively" again...not just doing things like journaling. I wonder if there's a need for a book of lists. There probably already is such a thing.

Again, I can't recommend StumbleUpon enough. SO MUCH FUN.


a quote

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and it may be necessary from time to time to give a stupid or misinformed beholder a black eye.
- Miss Piggy


WOW, I am addicted to Stumble Upon. I find so many weird and fun things by just click click clicking my way around the web.

I had my annual review recently, and one thing I wrote was that I want to write more -- in all aspects of my life. I'd like to write a book -- children's, young adult or a novel. I'd like to publish my edited journals. I'd like to write Christian commentary... I dunno. I probably will stay stumbling.

Really tired. Should go to bed early tonight!


a day on the waterfront

Shawn and I went to a festival this weekend. We went on a ride that was crazy and I don't even think had a name. And we went on the ferris wheel.

Here's a picture of us before the crazy ride started:

Here's a picture of the crazy ride, which had arms that spun around then started violently going up and down -- mind you the ride was on wheels and powered by a gas motor it seemed (so non-environmentally friendly I'm sure plus possibly dangerous to boot!)

A picture of us AFTER the ride...a little dizzy. All I remember is screaming, having fun, then NOT having fun. Shawn was next to me saying "Oh No. Oh No!" Hehehehehe. I was also squishing him because of the force of the spinning. So that had something to do with it too!

We also rode the ferris wheel.

And Shawn juggled for the kids:

On Sunday we went swimming. I went to church and Sunday school, so that was a good time. I keep writing things in Blogger and they get deleted. Not sure what's up with that. I guess I'll just get back to it. Time to go to bed. I am ADDICTED to stumbleupon and highly recommend it to anyone who's looking to kill some time online!


Crochet: A blanket for Liz

This is a blanket that I haven't given away yet, but it's for my friend Liz, whose babyshower is Saturday. I've had it ready to go for a few weeks, so it's exciting. This is really just for me to have a record... I need to be sure I have it written down in my crochet book. Another entry to follow shortly.


white flag

Without a doubt, this is the best thing I've "stumbled upon" so far. I do recommend the stumble upon stuff. It's pretty fun.

Enough gibberish. No new pictures really -- waiting for Shawn's camera (which I had to borrow) to transfer its photos to me. I think a CD is waiting for me at Shawn's...just waiting for the weekend to make the transfer.


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