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Dinosaur Hat & FAQs

Even though I have millions of post ideas swirling in my head I'm going to stick to crochet for a while in case any of the Maker Faire attendees check me out and are looking for crochet info. (Also if I were smart I'd write down the ideas in advance of NaBloPoMo coming up in November!)

(See Want to Order a Crochet Hat for more details. Individual photos of other hats I've made are in my silvermari crochet hats Flickr album.)

The week before the faire I cranked out 10 hats, including this really cute dinosaur one. It was among the 17 purchased, and by someone who's in my parenting group. So that was fun. Since it didn't have a face it was only $10, even though those dadgum spikes were as tedious as a face to crochet and sew on (I did them during Heroes: Reborn!). I love how it turned out, and it's even cuter on a kid's head. Someone suggested a pink and purple dino hat ... interesting!

I got asked some questions repeatedly yesterday. I should have written …

Baton Rouge Mini Maker Faire 2015

I'll have a booth again at this year's Mini Maker Faire at the East Baton Rouge Public Library's main branch at Goodwood. It's this Saturday, Sept. 26 from 10 am to 4 pm. (I'm missing the hot air balloon festival for this, thanks to multiple big events scheduled at the same time to avoid LSU home football games!)

Please see the Want to Order a Crochet Hat? post for details about how to place a custom crochet order. Also, more photos of hats I have made are in my silvermari crochet hats Flickr album.

Router Woes

A big storm on Sunday evening fried our wireless router. Our house has old wiring, and I guess our surge protector wasn't up to the job. It's a real pain in the you-know-what to be without wifi. We ordered a new router and it will be here tomorrow evening. AH!

In the meantime I'm able to hardwire into our modem, but only on my OLD laptop. My new laptop is thin, sleek, etc. That means it's unable to connect to the internet any way except wifi. AH!

Thankfully the old computer still works, albeit slower and still prone to overheating. Maybe being a packrat has its benefits? (Actually I just don't know how to get rid of computers -- I still have the one I used in grad school in a closet here and the one I used in undergrad in a closet at my mom's house.) AH!

And might I add ... AH!