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When Shawn's Not Home

Shawn just informed me I haven't been updating my blog... Things have been a little busy at work, and I haven't been feeling well for the last week or so. We had my in-laws visiting, which is a post in itself. (Caught in a rain storm in New Orleans after Mardi Gras parades on Saturday.)

When Shawn is gone house keeping goes to the pits. I don't make the bed as well, I just load the dishwasher instead of washing as we go, and I watch more TV than is necessary. I'll be glad when he's home tomorrow.

And I'll be even more glad when I don't feel this crummy... Hope I turn the corner before I have to start traveling on Tuesday.


No, not the Britney song.

Baton Rouge is the fifth most toxic city in the U.S., according to some list just released. Just an interesting tidbit for you.

I've got to get over myself. A new girl is starting at work next week. All through the interview her name has been a name close to mine (but the version spelled w/ a Y plus a middle name). But suddenly now she's also going by a version spelled almost the same as mine (add an i after the a) without the middle name. It's driving me crazy, mainly because I feel threatened and my name is MINE. What is wrong with me?


I have a haircut scheduled next week, and I never like the way they turn out at this place. I called today to cancel ... and my actual stylist answered. So I chickened out and said "wrong number." WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?! I guess I'll just cancel when the girl calls to confirm it.

So those are a couple of examples of just how ridiculous I am.

Edit: In other name news, when I picked up a prescr…