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arm chair blogging

just a note from my mom's PURPLE netbook. i like to say i shop at the mama store when i'm home, and it's sorely tempting to take this light little thing. ha! i'll get one of my own soon enough. my hunk-a-junk laptop is on its last legs.

owen is begging me to go upstairs and play thomas and colin. should be something else.

today is owen's birthday so what owen wants owen gets. ta.


In Indiahoma - my first time blogging on a high speed connection in this town. AH! All the blogging (online journaling) I did on dial up. Anyhoo.

We made it OK from NYC yesterday. It started with a downpour - so we waited for a taxi in the rain. Then our flight was delayed because they had to swap air craft. Our original plane had a crack in the wing. For the love!

So what was originally an hour layover turned into about 20 minutes, when you counted the time it took the get off the plane since we were seated in the back. DFW is not a small airport and we had to change terminals. We BARELY made the flight, and of course there was no time to get food. (In hindsight there were other late passengers behind us, so we COULD have bought a sandwich if we'd known.)

We finally arrive in Lawton to find our one checked suitcase ($15) didn't make it. Others' bags didn't make it either, so hopefully it's just in Dallas and we can get it this morning.

Anyway, I'm washing towels a…


My hermit-ness knows no limits. I got out yesterday after work - just a check depositing and grocery store run. Before that I hadn't been out of the apartment since Monday - and that was a brief walk to Duane Reade after work.

So as I ventured outside I was more acutely aware of the sounds. This city is so LOUD, just like Owen Max says. The trucks, the people yammering - so many conversations at once.

Today the doorman buzzed me that I had a package. The buzzer is so obnoxious, loud and unexpected I nearly jump out of my skin every time it rings, even if I'm expecting a delivery. I go get the package - wahoo! It's my Amazon books I ordered (Trust Agents, etc.) ... I got an e-mail from Amazon TODAY that they were shipped, but when I checked ... they were shipped from NYC. And the box they were delivered in was a courier. I guess it's cheaper to pay someone to bike it to me than to go through UPS. Whatever, I'm happy to have my books for the plane ride.

Yep, we're o…

Counting Down

Life in the NYC is still kicking.

So tonight we ate.

Spaghetti pie, a la Aunt Lee Ann. Ciabatta bread (sp?) a la Fresh Direct and salad. A dump cake is in the oven, so there's that. Not the most constructive use of my time, preparing a meal with limited space and leaving a ridick mess in my wake. Poor Shawn.

A positive - the crochet project I'm working on may FINALLY be coming together. The afghan's center came together so easily, but the edging, a complicated pineapple lacy affair, is crocheted separately and then sewn on. This means making something with corners - so weird. I ripped out more than half of my edging work and finally figured out my mistake (kept adding stitches along the rows so it was flaring out). Will be great to get it done.

AND I'm planning to take it with me to Oklahoma to finish and block there. Gran is the best afghan blocker I know (or will ever know, mark my words), and I'm excited for her to see this work, my most ambitious afghan since the s…


In August I have Friday afternoons off, so yesterday we decided to take in a movie. We saw GI Joe at the Village East Cinema. In their main theater, which clearly used to be a live theater and was grand with a gorgeous ceiling and drapery, we were two of four people. The screen was HUGE and we sat in the balcony and were dead center on the screen. It was very cool, and the movie was OK for what it was. I really like the Black Eyed Peas' end credits song. I forgot that upbeat music makes my body (or any body probably) want to move. I should keep that in mind for exercising purposes!

So today we woke up with the idea to DO something, but it didn't feel right to just go see another movie. I mean, we live in NYC, surely there's something new to do. Initially we thought about The UN, something we've never explored, but in the end we decided to stick closer to home and visit the Museum of Sex. The main exhibit was a scientific look at animals' mating and procreation, so o…


I've complained about this on Twitter, but it's so bad that I decided it deserves a post here.

We got a "land line" phone as part of our cable-internet package. It's cheaper than not having it, and it's nice to have a reliable connection for calls and dialing into hour-plus work conference calls (a cell near my brain for so long isn't really my idea of a good time). So great. Or not.

Shawn and I have given the phone number to exactly THREE (3) people: my mom, his mom and my grandma. None of them have called on this number yet. BUT in the week since it was activated, we've received 27 calls. After the first couple telemarketer calls I just stopped answering everything.

I had forgotten how much I hate the shrill ring ... and the inability to just mute-that-crap if I don't want to bother with it (I did resort to unplugging the phone for a while during a crucial work call on my cell).

One sorta neat thing is that when someone calls and the TV is on, the c…

Beatles Rock Band

I read the New York Times Magazine article (While My Guitar Gently Beeps) about the Beatles Rock Band coming out next month and MAN I think I could really dig that. Seeing this video trailer is pretty amazing too. In the mean time, I think I'll pull out the Beatles tracks and have a little groove session of my own.


Shawn had me take his picture today - wearing a suit for no real reason. Too handsome!

You can also see a bit of the layout of our apartment (and the mess remaining to be picked up). Soon I'm going to make a little video tour of the apartment (password protected just in case), so look for that somewhat soon.

Tales from NYC Grocery Shopping

I've mentioned here before about having our groceries delivered. That's true for probably 90-95% of our foodstuffs. But every now and then I get an itch to make something, or FreshDirect is out of an ingredient, or I just need to get out of the house and a trip to the grocery store is the ticket.

Tonight was a combination and I went to Gristede's on W 4th - about 2 blocks from the apartment. It's dinky and usually smelly but not so bad. Tonight it was AWFUL. I went to the frozen foods section and it smelled like cat urine. SEVERELY. UGH.

I walked back to the front, put my basket back and left - walking the extra 5 blocks or so to Morton Williams on Bleeker. It's a larger store and cleaner/smells like a grocery store and fresh produce ... NOT pee. So that was good. But of course I had to run into a hippy dippy mom and her two kids. Not that there's anything wrong with being hippy dippy, but I'd rather not have my shins smashed with a tiny grocery cart or see h…


Just home from Ikea. Shawn is putting together a little kitchen cart thing so we'll have a drawer for silverware and a bit more counter space for chopping and what-not. There's even space for my Kitchen Aid mixer on the bottom shelf, so there's that.

Otherwise, GIANT bust. We were going to get more items, but in the U-Haul rental line we were behind the guy who got the last van. Just my luck. But we ended up not having a great shopping experience otherwise b/c most of what I wanted ... well, wasn't.

If we had rented the van I would have gotten a mirror closet door for my Ikea Pax closet thing, but I can get a full length mirror from K-Mart and put it on the bathroom door instead. We also would have stopped at Target if we'd had the van, but the free Ikea water taxi is one way back to Manhattan, the isle of no Targets.

I wanted some curtains. All Ikea had was ... not what I wanted. The curtains we used upstairs aren't long enough for this window - because of how th…

November Pattern

Originally uploaded by silvermari Here's the blanket. Isn't it great?

I hope Jen thinks so. I plan to get it ready and in the mail tomorrow. I am loving the "designer" Red Heart yarn color, and she asked for purple, which really sets off the apple green. Everything worked up SO fast, and I'm just itching to move onto the next one.

The size is 34" by 42" ... I should start putting something in the picture for scale, because our lame-oh KMartique bedspread doesn't really cut it.


Plans change. Seems like our house guests aren't coming this weekend after all. Maybe sometime in September. They couldn't find a kennel for their dog. So more nesting and unpacking for me. Maybe Shawn and I will do an Ikea run.

One thing I want to get is a toilet paper stand to hold extra rolls and to actually house an unroll-able roll. There's a TP holder in the bathroom, but it's so inconvenient, basically completely behind the toilet, so that I can't reach it without literally twisting on the seat. And there's space to either side where a stand could fit. Like this one from Target for ~$15:

Another WEIRD thing is that the light switch for the bathroom is outside the bathroom. That means someone could play a dirty trick on me in the shower. It will take some getting used to, and the good news is the light switch is on the way to the bathroom. :)

There are no drawers in the kitchen, so the silverware is living on top of the fridge. There are other little quirks …

From Shawn's Office

Nothing goes the way I expect it to. NOTHING. I should learn to expect that (then maybe things would go as expected?)

The move this morning started out fine. The TV's cable box was flashing a message that digital cable had been turned off. Harbinger of things to come ... or foreshadowing or something.

I was sure I wouldn't be able to go online, but I was able to turn on my computer, check work e-mail. So we got going with the reserved elevator and the borrowed dolly. After moving the dressers (still full), the closet-thing and the kitchen table, it was time to move the desk. Internet was still working, but we had to disconnect to get the desk out and leave only the tower, monitor, mouse and keyboard. Once we moved the desk we set the computer, modem and router back up. For a moment it worked - I saw a few current tweets on my iGoogle start up page. Then nothing.


We tried a few things, then decided to go shower before hassling with it anymore. I called Time Warner Cable (n…


Stepping off the elevator onto the 8th floor provides a unique olfactory experience for me.

I kid you not, it smells EXACTLY like the Georgetown apartments from summer 01. Maybe just the boys' apartment across the hall - a cologne smell from the Zachs. Whatever it is - I find myself hoping that it is always there and hoping that it dissipates. I'm sure either way I'll stop noticing, just like I don't really notice the smells on the 5th floor.

I don't have digital photos from that time/summer. I was still a film camera girl. But when I get set up again, if the smell's still there, I might be driven to get them out and scan one or two.

General update - most everything is moved, except the dressers, desk, table, chairs, TV and some kitchen and bathroom paraphernalia. The small stuff will probably be taken care of tonight after supper. Then we have an elevator reserved for tomorrow morning/time off approved (for me) to move the rest. I don't think it will take mor…

Review: Star Trek: Mere Anarchy

Star Trek: Mere Anarchy by Margaret Wander Bonanno

My rating: 3 of 5 stars
I learned that I like Star Trek just as much to read as to watch (which is to say ... meh). I got this as a cheapie book at Strand (a recurring theme for me I think), and it was a good few bucks spent. The writing is easy to read, as in probably middle school level. That made it perfect for travel reading when I was half listening for announcements or whatever. The book's size (six short books in one) made it less travel friendly, but I didn't have to worry about running out of reading material!

I didn't get a lot of the references to the movies and other Star Trek things, but the story itself, written originally as e-Books and by 7 authors, was good, although with a few tangents that probably would have meant more if I were more well versed in Trekkie speak. I definitely pictured the original cast as I was reading, rather than Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto.

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Mid Day Smiles

The move continues - we're probably 1/2 done, doing it piece by piece, bit by bit. Exhausting. The plan is to finish the big stuff on Wednesday morning. The AC installers and cable/internet will arrive on Thursday, at which point will be finito, officially moved from 5-hell to 8-great. Despite the overwhelming-ness of moving, I'm trying to cling to a positive attitude.

Am rocking and rolling at work today, which is a marked improvement over last week. Travel takes a lot out of me, as does being an idiot about some things. I think everything is smoothed over and OK, but my obsessive nature doesn't make it quite so easy.

But this post is about SMILES. Right.

I sent an update to a couple coworkers who routinely send me snail mail about the change in address. In my cheeky fashion I mentioned that I would expect love notes and the like. The response "composing love note now." Even though it's totally dorky and dumb of me, I'm still grinning about that. Goofball a…

What a Week

I started the week feeling blue, and while I still feel a little blue it's for entirely different reasons! I am SO tempted to list all the things that went wrong this week (from not packing a single writing implement and buying yet MORE pens at Penn Station to gaffes at work and my limited public speaking skills) - but I'll try to be more positive. ... WHOOPS!

The office closes at 1 p.m. on Fridays, but here I am at almost 3 p.m. finishing things up. I'm giving up soon. The computer is giving me fits - Outlook isn't connecting, every single program is slow and wah-wah-wah.

I think I've mentioned that Shawn and I are moving to a slightly larger apartment upstairs recently vacated by our friend Frank. We were hoping to get moved today BUT the key just hasn't come through. There's a slight possibility Shawn could get the key today and we could move small things and clean over the weekend (we need to reserve an elevator to move furniture, and that can only be don…

How I Feel Before My Work Trip

Here's hoping the clouds break and I feel less ... eeyore-ish ... tomorrow.

New York Aquarium

July 4, 2009 - the sweetest little kid (funny face) and the rest of the gang at the New York Aquarium in Coney Island, NY.