Mid Day Smiles

The move continues - we're probably 1/2 done, doing it piece by piece, bit by bit. Exhausting. The plan is to finish the big stuff on Wednesday morning. The AC installers and cable/internet will arrive on Thursday, at which point will be finito, officially moved from 5-hell to 8-great. Despite the overwhelming-ness of moving, I'm trying to cling to a positive attitude.

Am rocking and rolling at work today, which is a marked improvement over last week. Travel takes a lot out of me, as does being an idiot about some things. I think everything is smoothed over and OK, but my obsessive nature doesn't make it quite so easy.

But this post is about SMILES. Right.

I sent an update to a couple coworkers who routinely send me snail mail about the change in address. In my cheeky fashion I mentioned that I would expect love notes and the like. The response "composing love note now." Even though it's totally dorky and dumb of me, I'm still grinning about that. Goofball alert.

Ah, but the biggest, best news:

My best friend from forever* on had her baby on Saturday!!!! WAHOO!!! I won't post deets here, as she's not really into blogging or lifecasting, but I will say that a healthy baby girl has been added to the list of people I love. Can't wait to meet her!

*Our moms met while we were in the womb, and we played together all the way through until our last sporting event as high school seniors.

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