What a Week

I started the week feeling blue, and while I still feel a little blue it's for entirely different reasons! I am SO tempted to list all the things that went wrong this week (from not packing a single writing implement and buying yet MORE pens at Penn Station to gaffes at work and my limited public speaking skills) - but I'll try to be more positive. ... WHOOPS!

The office closes at 1 p.m. on Fridays, but here I am at almost 3 p.m. finishing things up. I'm giving up soon. The computer is giving me fits - Outlook isn't connecting, every single program is slow and wah-wah-wah.

I think I've mentioned that Shawn and I are moving to a slightly larger apartment upstairs recently vacated by our friend Frank. We were hoping to get moved today BUT the key just hasn't come through. There's a slight possibility Shawn could get the key today and we could move small things and clean over the weekend (we need to reserve an elevator to move furniture, and that can only be done on a weekday).

I scheduled the cable-internet change to happen next week. The soonest they could have a tech come out was Thursday, so that means I'll have my desk here until then, so as to limit work interruptions. Meaning even if we get access to the other apartment before then we'll have to keep access to this one at least until the internet works upstairs. Sadness for the girl who's moving in here next.

Here's something happy - my cable bill will go down and my service will go up (at least this is what they tell me). I'm doing the triple play, which means I will get a phone number too ... for less money than I pay now. Also going to upgrade to DVR because with the VCR I don't have the option to tape one thing and watch another. Yes, I know my life is ruled a lot by TV. It's in my genes!

Another happy thing - In just three short weeks Shawn and I will be jetting away to Oklahoma for the fifth birthday of the sweetest Oklahoma kid I know! We'll be there for more than a week. I'll still work mornings while Owen is in KINDERGARTEN (first day=Aug. 17). Can you imagine?! Also, my mom finally has high speed wireless internet in the house - WiFi comes to BFE.

What I WANTED to do with my afternoon off was hit up the Titanic exhibit in Times Square. I think there's still enough time to do it. Wish a baby Owen was here to enjoy it with me. Man, this post DID end on a happy note and here I am smiling again and thinking I just might make it through despite my flaws and mistakes!

UPDATE: We got the keys!!!

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