Counting Down

Life in the NYC is still kicking.

So tonight we ate.

Spaghetti pie, a la Aunt Lee Ann. Ciabatta bread (sp?) a la Fresh Direct and salad. A dump cake is in the oven, so there's that. Not the most constructive use of my time, preparing a meal with limited space and leaving a ridick mess in my wake. Poor Shawn.

A positive - the crochet project I'm working on may FINALLY be coming together. The afghan's center came together so easily, but the edging, a complicated pineapple lacy affair, is crocheted separately and then sewn on. This means making something with corners - so weird. I ripped out more than half of my edging work and finally figured out my mistake (kept adding stitches along the rows so it was flaring out). Will be great to get it done.

AND I'm planning to take it with me to Oklahoma to finish and block there. Gran is the best afghan blocker I know (or will ever know, mark my words), and I'm excited for her to see this work, my most ambitious afghan since the snowflake dazzler I made for her a couple years ago.

We're closing in on the final episodes of Dexter. New season starts in late September. AH!

Yep, I'm completely aware of my nerdiness and being a lame-oh. LOVING it!!!

Countdown to flight, less than I don't know - I can't count - 3 days whatevs. Aiyiyiyiyiyiyiyiyiyiyah!

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