Tales from NYC Grocery Shopping

I've mentioned here before about having our groceries delivered. That's true for probably 90-95% of our foodstuffs. But every now and then I get an itch to make something, or FreshDirect is out of an ingredient, or I just need to get out of the house and a trip to the grocery store is the ticket.

Tonight was a combination and I went to Gristede's on W 4th - about 2 blocks from the apartment. It's dinky and usually smelly but not so bad. Tonight it was AWFUL. I went to the frozen foods section and it smelled like cat urine. SEVERELY. UGH.

I walked back to the front, put my basket back and left - walking the extra 5 blocks or so to Morton Williams on Bleeker. It's a larger store and cleaner/smells like a grocery store and fresh produce ... NOT pee. So that was good. But of course I had to run into a hippy dippy mom and her two kids. Not that there's anything wrong with being hippy dippy, but I'd rather not have my shins smashed with a tiny grocery cart or see half naked kids wandering around the food. I also would rather not get a lecture on whether I should buy bagels. It was the WEIRDEST thing ... she was lecturing her kids about the preservatives in bagels and gave me the stink eye for picking up a bag of them. For Pete's sake, we're in NYC.

Anyway, after a LONG wait in line I got my 3 items and packed it up to go home. A day in the life I guess.

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