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We are back in Baton Rouge, in our house, our home. Home is where my girls and Shawn are, but it's nice to be back with all our stuff. Jane is especially looking forward to seeing her friends and church family again. She actually said she's READY for school to start again, so maybe the short, two-month summer break isn't a bad thing after all.

Things I Missed While In Minneapolis:
Our bed -- an iComfort with high thread count sheetsSeparate space for Livia to sleep Our laundry -- full size and fully vented so clothes are washed and dried in a SNAPMy desk -- a dedicated place for my computer to live, with a comfortable chair and space for my accoutrementsCovered parking right at my kitchen door -- in Minneapolis we parked on the opposite side of the building and one floor up, so door to car was an elevator ride and a block width away. Not ideal for toting groceries (or toddlers)My full range of kitchen utensils and appliances. I had to make a 2nd birthday cake without a mixe…