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Bottom of the Rock

The look up at the rock - taken when beth was here over t-day break. so beautiful... and where the official-ness of it all began!


one more before sleep. This was taken in the NYC subway...yes, i got outta control with the teeth whitening in PhotoShop, but fun none-the-less. ~M.

Snuggly Snowflakes

Here's a gem of a project I made for Gran last spring. It was inspired after I found a snowflake pattern during the Christmas season, but too late to finish before last Christmas. I couldn't WAIT until now to give it to her, so she's had it since her birthday in April. I hope to see it again when I go home for Xmas... only two weeks! My crochet hook is going again, but nothing this extravagant. This was my first (and only-so far) adult sized afghan, and I'm really pleased with it!

Happy Christmas!!!



*don't wish your life away*

i am enjoying my time here in new york. probably too much. it's just amazing fun. i don't have too many friends yet, but i'm getting to do things... that i normally don't have time for. i'm reading, getting holiday presents bought and made, and spending time with the man i'm going to marry. how crazy is that? we're having a fun time... and i'm so excited christmas is here. i'm ready to spend some time in oklahoma.