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Preschooler Eye Drop Tip

So, I googled around for advice on ways to make eye drops for preschoolers/toddlers easier. I did find one tip that seems to work:
Have your child lie on his back and shut his eyes as tight as he can. Place one to two drops in the inner corner of each eye. Tell him to relax his eyes. The liquid will seep into the eye without tears or fuss! Wipe off the excess with a clean cloth or tissue. I've used this with Jane, and she still fights the drops, but it's easier to do (takes fewer hands to hold flailing limbs, pry open eye lids and squeeze the drops in). Thought it was a good one.

There's also this funny post I found on Today's Parent (but it has an ad wall before it will show you the post, just FYI).

Parenting Wobbles


The refrain when we were at a church leadership retreat meeting on Saturday was overwhelming. Everyone commented on Jane's physical beauty and adorableness.

It's true! She's a precious little moo-hoo who is also very pretty.

But I forget! I know she's beautiful, inside and out, but in the frustrations of life with a "threenager" I can look past her beauty and only feel the frustrations and see her disobedience, defiance and willfulness. Everything feels so hard.

This week she has been sick. Started with a cough on Sunday evening, so I'm guessing she picked up something at church -- passing the peace is NOT my favorite, but especially during cold and flu season. (But partly my fault because I didn't get the hand sanitizer on her hands or make her wash her hands before we took her to the nursery/Sunday school -- I would think they would wash their hands in Sunday school before a snack, but they do not.)

The cough progressed and adde…

TIBTIL: Chi Shampoo & Conditioner

I first saw Chi Infra shampoo at Ross in Danville, but I knew I didn't want to weigh myself down with extra liquids on the flight back no matter how good the deal. I have loved the smell of Chi products for a while, since a couple haircuts ago when the stylist used Chi Iron Guard 44 and I was swept away by the smell. Since I knew I could find a deal on it and I needed new shampoo I thought I'd shop for it locally.

I first tried my Ross here, but they are a real run-down, ramshackle store with no real beauty section. Later I tried TJ Maxx and score, they had the shampoo and conditioner (called Chi Infra Treatment). Unfortunately they only had giant, 32-ounce containers, but they were only a couple dollars more than the much smaller 8-ounce containers you can find at CVS or Target. I was in a snit mood anyway, so I dropped the cash am loving the smell of my hair ever since.

I had been using Trader Joe's tea tree oil shampoo, which was OK but didn't keep my hair clean ver…

it's MARI time

A friend of Shawn's came across this and sent it. She's even wearing purple..

Your Three-Year-Old: Friend or Enemy?

Your Three-Year-Old: Friend or Enemy by Louise Bates Ames

I didn't actually write a review on Goodreads, but I'm stealing their formatting for links and the cover image. This book wasn't that helpful, but I was drawn in by the funny title. I was looking at parenting books at the library and saw this one. I am such a frustrated parent much of the time now. It's like I am the tantrum-prone toddler with trouble controlling my emotions (or at least I have my moments, with and without Jane around).

The book was published in 1985 and the advice is funny. There are several sections that talk about Father not understanding -- expecting too much of his children's table manners so better for the 3-year-old to eat supper alone in the kitchen before the family meal. LOLOL.

A running theme is: PUT YOUR CHILD IN NURSERY SCHOOL FOR THE LOVE OF EVERYTHING. They write a lot about how people who are not the child's mother can get better results with a 3-year-old so take advantage…