TIBTIL: Chi Shampoo & Conditioner

I first saw Chi Infra shampoo at Ross in Danville, but I knew I didn't want to weigh myself down with extra liquids on the flight back no matter how good the deal. I have loved the smell of Chi products for a while, since a couple haircuts ago when the stylist used Chi Iron Guard 44 and I was swept away by the smell. Since I knew I could find a deal on it and I needed new shampoo I thought I'd shop for it locally.

I first tried my Ross here, but they are a real run-down, ramshackle store with no real beauty section. Later I tried TJ Maxx and score, they had the shampoo and conditioner (called Chi Infra Treatment). Unfortunately they only had giant, 32-ounce containers, but they were only a couple dollars more than the much smaller 8-ounce containers you can find at CVS or Target. I was in a snit mood anyway, so I dropped the cash am loving the smell of my hair ever since.

I had been using Trader Joe's tea tree oil shampoo, which was OK but didn't keep my hair clean very long. And my hair does not do well being washed too often. This Chi stuff gives me several days of clean-enough hair and smells fantastic. Have I mentioned I love the crisp, clean smell?! I know it's just chemicals and just as bad for me as a floral or something but my nose knows and I love it. I wish there were a curly product -- like mousse -- so I could have my hair smell great no matter the style.

I also think I would like a Chi perfume. THAT's how much I love this smell.

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