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Pumpkin Says Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween, from my pumpkin to you!

(P.S. NaBloPoMo starts tomorrow... YIKES.)

Read: A Year of Biblical Womanhood

A Year of Biblical Womanhood by Rachel Held Evans
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I loved this book. I've read Rachel Held Evans' blog for a couple years, ever since I read her first book Evolving in Monkeytown, but I haven't paid super close attention. I finally understand the "women of valor" series I kept seeing pop up but never took the time to read.

When the opportunity to pre-order her new book for less than $7 I didn't hesitate. Now several months later and I've got the book in my grubby little hands. The book is officially released today, but I've had it for about a week and finally finished it today (parenting books--and parenting itself--got in my way of devouring it more quickly).

I love the way Evans writes -- her conversational style about such a weighty topic of women's role in the church and home speaks to my heart. And this very issue is something that cuts deeply and has vexed me.

I'd like to think I could ask the questions Evans t…


October 30 has significance for me and has for a few years. Shawn and I met at a Halloween party in Washington, DC, in 2004. So today marks 8 years of knowing the one I love the most.

Today also marks a year since "Pumpkin's" due date. I loved the dates aligning ... that we expected Jane on an anniversary. She came later, of course, but I'm sure I will always remember and mark October 30 anyway.

Grandma Jane

Today is Grandma Jane's birthday. I just realized that when I looked at the date on my clock by the computer (it used to be by my nursing chair, but since someone learned to walk I can't really have breakables at toddler-level).

I wonder what Grandma Jane would think about Baby Jane...

I'm sure she'd love her and Owen too.

Read: Beyond the Sling

Beyond the Sling: A Real-Life Guide to Raising Confident, Loving Children the Attachment Parenting Way by Mayim Bialik
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I wanted to love, love, love this book because I aspire to be a hippie mom of sorts (but fall short in so many ways, see part-time cloth diapering, non-organic carpet and window coverings, etc.) and am drawn to attachment parenting. I respect this book and its approach for sure, but in the same way the "cry-it-out" type books leave me feeling like I'm doing it wrong, parts of this made me question what I'm doing ... such as, should I have kept Jane's crib in our room indefinitely? But in other ways I am doing OK by this book's system (nursing, lots of carrying, spending insane amounts of time together, etc.).

This book is a look at one family's parenting strategies, and it's written by an actress with a neurobiology PhD. While some of her educational training does seep into the book, overall this is a parenting…

Sippy Cup Drama

It's been a few days, but I'm still hung up on this.

On Sunday Jane went to the church nursery as per usual. Things have changed there -- they've moved rooms and hired a new worker. The pastors were also out of town, meaning there were 5 fewer kids in the mix, and during church it was just Jane and another little boy slightly older than she is.

She cried a bit when we left her, but it wasn't heart wrenching. When I checked in after worship/before Sunday school the volunteer church member worker said she was just fine and hadn't fussed at all. So I didn't go see her and assumed all was well.

She was the only kid with the new worker for the Sunday school hour. When we went to pick her up she cried when she saw us (probably pissed that we'd left her with a stranger for so long), and I almost crumbled when I saw what was in her sippy cup: JUICE.

At first I thought they'd given her Kool-aid, but upon later inspection it was "just" apple juice.

I h…


I've started trying to keep the house clean using a calendar/task schedule -- modified from this one that I saw on Pinterest (I swear I don't spend much time on that site!). I made mine in Word using my wedding font and swirl graphic (what a nerd).

As to cleaning, I don't do things perfectly, but I am getting into some kind of rhythm of doing each daily chore without too much self-whining. There's still some, but I love checking things off lists, so this is appealing to me.

BUT things broke down last Wednesday when I fell sick. As in stomach-bug-can't-move-fevers-and-chills sick.

Oh, and Shawn was out of town.

Luckily a good friend helped me by bringing 7up -- I am a weirdo, but that's all I wanted. Some 7up and my couch ... riding out the sickness.

But oh yeah, I still had to take care of Jane.

Thankfully she was not sick, but she gave me a break by playing a lot on her own, reading her books -- or bringing them to me while I splayed on the couch, and we took …


Got this from Winn-Dixie and think it is funny. I didn't give Jane's name when I signed up before she was born so I guess they think her name is Tbd!

Am I Better Off?

A few weeks ago a big question surrounding the election was "are you better off now than you were four years ago?"

Of course the real question is about the COUNTRY and whether it's better off than it was ... or something like that. But the answer for me is YES.

That isn't to say I wasn't happy four years ago, but things have moved in an upward trajectory for me, and I'm very happy to be where I am, doing what I'm doing.

I lived in New York, the best city, so in some ways that might be considered better then than now. (Baton Rouge is not even the best city in Louisiana.) But other than that geographic preference everything about my life today is better than it was in 2008.

I lived in a few hundred square feet then. Today I have an entire house plus out buildings. (There's one score for BR over NYC.)

Four years ago I was still trying to figure out what was causing my hives. Multiple doctors visits and a couple rounds of steroids later we found the be…

Draw Something Badges

I love the app Draw Something. It's the main reason my mom gifted me an iPod touch with the capability to run the app. It's pictionary online, and you use your fingers to draw.

I play with four people, and half of them read this blog and we've been talking about the new badges you can earn. It's been hard for me to type on the iPod within the game enough to explain how I understand them, and there doesn't seem to be anything clearly explaining how I understand it either. So here's what I can tell:

There are 11 badges available for the free version of the app (there are likely more for the paid version). They're just collections of words that are around a theme. You can't see what the words are, but you can see the themes -- like "Don't Go In There" (skeleton is one of the words) and "Beauties and the Beast" (flower, princess, woman and kingkong) and "The Hardest Spelling Bee Ever" (3-letter words like tea, art, red) -- …

Gym Member Fail

I do not like working out.

I love the way I feel after I work out, and even more how I feel when I CONSISTENTLY work out.

Jane is closing in on her first year, and I still haven't figured out a way to exercise while balancing child care. #mamafail

I am not a morning person -- so waking up before Shawn and Jane to exercise seems so daunting, especially since someone has regressed and doesn't sleep through the night anymore.

In the evenings I am so hungry and juggling feeding Jane, making dinner for us, giving a baby bath, making a PJ bunny, etc. that working out after Shawn comes home doesn't seem realistic either.

Excuses, excuses. But I set about finding a gym that has childcare. Ideally one nearby.

Gyms don't make information easily available -- such as the COSTS or the times in which childcare is available. I decided to go visit the gym nearest me that did have childcare.

Jane and I looked around, and it was very nice. The childcare SEEMED OK to me at first, althoug…

Thin Skinned

I thought the advice I got while pregnant was bad -- the horror stories of what would happen, both during the birth and once the baby was home. But all of that did not toughen up my skin or prepare me for the continued advice and poking questions I seem to get.

I know 99% of it is actually me projecting meaning into a harmless question, but when a mom at the playground asked "so, is Jane in any school programs?" I felt immediately shamed and panicky because the answer is of course "NO" but ...

SHOULD she be in school programs? She's 10 months old. Is she already at an age that I can't provide her with the stimulation she needs? Does she need more socialization than library story time, the church nursery and the playground can provide?


And all of that from a question that was probably more like "know of any good programs for kids?" or "let me tell you about this program my son is in." (Although this particula…

Mini Photo Marble Magnets

If you're looking for a quick gift making these marble magnets might be just the ticket. They're personalized and so easy to make (and honestly pretty cheap too!). Here's what you need:
Flat marbles (in the craft or floral department), clear is best so you can see the photo5/8ths inch circle punch (although you could always use scissors to cut out the photos)Clear glue for slick surfaces (such as Aleene's Platinum Bond)Small round magnets (3/4 inch or thereabouts)Proof sheet of photos (like you get when you order from Shutterfly) I first made these with scrapbook paper and some Owen photos several years ago. And I used the Not Martha tutorial.

First I cut all the images -- using the hole punch upside down (so I can center the punch over the face in the picture -- close ups make the best magnets). If you don't have the hole punch you could just use the magnet as a guide for your scissors and cut out a circle.

Then I put a dab of glue on the magnet and put the pape…