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This is just a quick update on a few things. Namely the fact that I posted pictures of my apartment and a cheesy self-made floor plan. :) You'll have to come visit if you want to see for yourself! See entry below for "coded" message about where to find these pictures -- available if you know me.

Fourth of July was fun. We survived a torrential downpour and watched the fireworks in front of the White House. Pretty cool, huh?

I'm busy busy busy at work and life is just rocking along. It's hot here, but my AC has been working OK *knock on wood* and it's ALWAYS cold at work.

Otherwise things are just the same, and I'm filling my time with apartment arranging, searching for a table top (see the plywood in one of the apartment pictures) and counting down to Oklahoma time with Baby O! He turns two on Aug. 30, and I will be in I-town for his party on Sept. 1! WOO HOO.

Best wishes, and let me know what you think about the apartment. :)


Coooookie Monster

These are the cookies I made last week (or the week before?) for people at work. Am going to publish my floorplan and pictures of my apartment on my site -- E-mail me if that doesn't work and/or if you don't know my full name!

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no reason behind the titles

And it's weird that the notes are anonymous.

Everything is fine. I am still pondering whether to try to transfer all my old entries from the other blog. I apologize for any confusion. I should have it under control eventually.

Apartment is still good. I am going to have pictures available soon, but I will probably keep that link private (off this blog) and just e-mail it to people. I will also print a couple sets to send home to Oklahoma. I just have some finishing touches to do. It's still very much a "college" type atmosphere but it's very nice and "Mari-like" -- and yes, Mari like. :)

Shawn and I got a kitchen table finally! So I still have the frame of the other one (the glass broke after I bought it). My plan is to get a piece of plywood cut, nail it on top and use it as a craft/scrapbook table and extra storage underneath -- not that I need it! I still have a closet that isn't full. :) Good times.

Work is still rolling. I feel good about what I'm doing. I got a little tired this week so haven't been as on top of my game, but I am hoping to regroup and come back guns blazing on Monday. :) I will still work hard tomorrow too!!! Aiyiyiah. I would encourage everyone to look at the job's Web site, particularly the advocacy site. (Would rather not include the name/link so that this doesn't come up in searches for the org -- not sure that it would, but I can at least TRY to keep my tracks from being THAT obvious!)

There's a House Hunter's on that's set in Annapolis! HA.

I have started watching Grey's Anatomy. SOOO good. Dr. McDreamy -- slurp! I don't think I'm ready for LOST but I know other coworkers at this new job ARE into it... I guess I'll just smile and nod as I did with the previous coworkers...

Anyway. Gotta get to bed soon. Will post more pictures and the story of the quilted purse shortly.


Fast Friends

Main Entry: tri·fec·ta
Pronunciation: trI-'fek-t&, 'trI-"
Function: noun
Etymology: tri- + perfecta
1 : a variation of the perfecta in which a bettor wins by selecting the first three finishers of a race in the correct order of finish
2 : TRIPLE 1b : achieved a show-business trifecta: a platinum record, hit TV series, and an Oscar>

Am still working out the kinks in this. Not sure if it's worth it for me to try to transfer all my entries here or if I should just archive them somehow. Would anyone besides me EVER have need to refer to them? I guess if I ever have a biographer. HA! I hope to do that auto-style. Hrm.

Isn't it interesting that bettor is spelled like that when referring to someone placing bets rather than good, better, best? I wonder if/when Microsoft has/will come out with a blogging software. Am getting too used to the automatic spell check on the products at work -- all Microsoft all the time. It's all good though.

Am going to bed. Hope someone is reading... even though I have nothing to say. :)


one more

Before I go -- this has the BEST story behind it, which I intend to type up and keep/post here. But for now here's a picture of the purse Aunt Lee Ann made me from an old quilt that my great-great grandma made when my grandma was living with her as a child (so it is like 70+ years old!)...

Now am really going to sleep. ~Mari...

July 20, 2006:
Gma V's grandmother made this quilt when Gma V lived with her (my Gma V was about 10 when she first moved in with her grandmother). This quilt was given to Aunt Jean (Gma V's sister) and used for year's, until Gma V's house burned along with the quilt that their grandmother had made for her. Aunt Jean sent this quilt for Gma V and Gpa Max to use for a while. It was returned to Jean, and they used it many more years. About 15 years ago, Aunt Jean gave this quilt to my Aunt Lee Ann (Gma V's daughter). It was very worn. Jean told Lee Ann that she could do something with it or throw it away. Lee Ann kept it for that long and then this summer decided to do something. She found two parts that had four stars together and made pillows for two of her cousins (the girls on that side of the family). She used the other stars that were usable and made three purses like this one (one for me, one for Beth and one for our third (?) cousin Kelli). There were a few smaller stars left over and Lee Ann made small pillows for the three remaining sisters: Jackie, Phyllis (Kelli's grandma) and Grandma V.

Here's the last line in Lee Ann's note to me:
"I hope you enjoy this purse. It was made with love for you, and that love started generations ago."

Pretty sweet huh? ~mp.
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PERHAPS I can do better with this blog format. The things it can do are post pictures directly from Picasa and I can e-mail a post if I can't go to a web browser (or if I need to get a message across from my phone - which I highly doubt will ever happen).

Even though it's now M Hearts Va, I'm still going to keep up "SilverMari in Mari-Land." Even though I don't live in Maryland, I'll always live in Mari-land. It's part of the beauty of being me. HA!

Am so tired. It's fun to post on this blog! Going to get to bed now. More funfilled antics at work tomorrow!

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