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Still haven't discussed my personality results further, but am less stressed by them/they're not keeping me up nights anymore. One of the things the guy said was "these are all strengths" -- a regular line, but whatever. And really I don't doubt myself -- I'm a kick ass employee and typically pretty highly valued. I'm in unique circumstances now, but still encouraged.

One of the things the guy asked me was about a perfect day -- at work and off work. For work it's about getting a lot of tasks to do and plowing through it, getting feedback and clearance quickly, until it's time to go home (maybe with a good lunch break with coworkers thrown in). Perhaps I'd answer that differently if I wasn't so starved for tasks (again, it's the unique, temporary circumstances dictating that mostly). Hrm.

My response to the "off work" perfect day was basically spending time with Shawn and/or our families (can any day be perfect wi…

Assess Me

I took a personality test -- or something like it -- at work a couple weeks ago, and on Friday I got my "results." Nothing too shocking. I mean, I know I'm detail-oriented and impatient. But what was a surprise was my "score" on manageability.

I like to think that I'm a really good employee -- I follow directions, offer suggestions but know my place once a decision is made and go do my work. Apparently not, at least according to this test. Perhaps it's a reflection of how I FEEL rather than what I DO, because sure I might grumble about directions or projects that don't make sense, or when a decision doesn't go my way ... but I don't think that makes me unmanageable when I keep the grumbling to myself and ultimately do the work as assigned. So I've been tumbling that around in my head for a couple days now.

The results also showed that I would not likely be happy or good in a leadership role, i.e. leave me alone in my work. I can see that…

Domestically Disinclined

On Saturday I did a big grocery shop to make a bunch of casseroles to freeze. The shopping wasn't too bad (although getting to the store was -- stupid timing on our part re: game traffic). But the cooking has been exhausting. So far I've made six dishes, and we've eaten one of them (a spinach and cheese strata that I realized probably would not freeze well, although I'm not actually convinced any of them will taste good).

When the inlaws were here my m-i-l took me to Sam's and one of the things we bought were these throw away foil pans for casseroles. But I'm realizing they have a weird smell to them, so we'll see if that affects the taste (I made the strata in a regular pan).

Here's what I've made, none of which look as good as the recipes, of course:
Baked Penne with Sun Dried Tomatoes (we actually ate half of this one on Sunday and it was pretty good)Chicken Enchiladas VerdesKing Ranch CasseroleBest Macaroni and CheeseShepherd's Pie The two le…