Still haven't discussed my personality results further, but am less stressed by them/they're not keeping me up nights anymore. One of the things the guy said was "these are all strengths" -- a regular line, but whatever. And really I don't doubt myself -- I'm a kick ass employee and typically pretty highly valued. I'm in unique circumstances now, but still encouraged.

One of the things the guy asked me was about a perfect day -- at work and off work. For work it's about getting a lot of tasks to do and plowing through it, getting feedback and clearance quickly, until it's time to go home (maybe with a good lunch break with coworkers thrown in). Perhaps I'd answer that differently if I wasn't so starved for tasks (again, it's the unique, temporary circumstances dictating that mostly). Hrm.

My response to the "off work" perfect day was basically spending time with Shawn and/or our families (can any day be perfect without a squeeze from Owen Jay?!). But the more I thought about it, the more I thought I'd like a perfect day in New York. In some crisp fall air, with a street festival, some Mercado's pizza slices and a Diet Coke, a stroll through Washington Square Park (assuming construction is all finished by now) and a look up 5th Ave through the arch. Maybe a matinee Broadway show (drama or musical ... just something good). Maybe a sushi dinner after the show and a ride down 5th Ave on the bus to get "home" -- or maybe ride all the way to the Staten Island ferry for a night time ride in the cool air before ending the day.

What is my perfect Baton Rouge day though? I don't have any activities I really love that are exclusive to BR like my NYC memories. I LOVE our house -- so puttering around here is fun. Actually my perfect day now would involve my couch, comfy temps (read almost chilly in the room with a cozy blanket), something good to eat and drink, and a full DVR of shows to watch, heavy on the Psych. Oh, and maybe something good to read too ... because I'm seriously bored much of the time as I wait ... and wait ... and wait.

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