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Wrap Up

November is coming to an end, and it's bittersweet. I love this month, but I also really love Advent and Christmas. I'm looking forward to spending time with my family in Oklahoma and maybe getting to see a little snow? I have a lot of presents already that need to be wrapped plus a bit more shopping to do before all is said and done.

For me I need a second pie plate (had to use a 9 inch cake pan, which worked but made getting the pie out difficult) and a meat thermometer (poor dried out turkey) if I'm ever going to attempt to make a big meal again. Otherwise Thanksgiving dinner went off OK, save for being about an hour early due to my panic since the turkey had to be in the oven alone/there was no way to fit the rack to allow the second rack to hold anything.

I'm trying to get my act together and order Christmas cards. We tried to take some pictures of Jane today in her red dress by the tree. I'm not sure if I got a shot that's worth anything. I might try a wr…

A Felt Christmas Tree Toddler Christmas Activity

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas ...

We got out our Christmas tree today and a few other decorations (including a ceramic Christmas tree that plays Winter Wonderland that was my Gran's ... I finally talked my way into her giving it to me since she doesn't put it up anymore). Maybe that's jumping the gun, but I wanted my in-laws to see the house decorated a bit, and I want to stretch the magic with Jane as long as I can!

One of the things I have been looking forward to the most was making a felt Christmas tree for Jane. The idea is that she'll play with and decorate her tree instead of bothering the actual tree. Time will tell if that's true, but she's had fun carrying around the felt ornaments I made, and they stick to the felt tree beautifully.

I used a combination from two tutorials: Empty Bobbin Sewing Tutorial's No Sew Felt Christmas Tree and Juggling With Kids' The Secret to Cutting Felt & Making Felt Storyboards for Preschooler…


Thanksgiving is here, and I'm working on day two of a cooking extravaganza. You can follow me on Twitter to see what I've been making (and any disasters ... I'm pretty worried about the turkey!).

A lot of people on Facebook have been doing 30 days of gratitude, posting about something they are thankful for each day in November. I know for everyone it's only a drop in the bucket full of blessings, but I like the idea anyway. So here are my 30:
Shawn -- everything about him as a husband and partner, and I'm so grateful for our marriageJane -- sweet baby, trying toddler and all around best girlOwen -- my first baby love, the brightest boy I know and my favorite nephew. Rest of my family -- without using up all 30 slots for names of everyone I love, I'll just say I'm grateful for the family that raised me and the family I married into.My childhood -- being raised a Christian in a loving home has been critical to me being me, and I'm so grateful to my parents…

The Great Nap Fakeout

My kid is getting too smart for her own good (or my own good). She seems to have figured out that she can hang out in her crib and stay awake during nap time. She definitely sings and talks to herself after I put her in the crib, but she'll usually quiet down. I am convinced she's faking me out to make me think she's taking a nap because she gets so tired and crabby by the end of the afternoon.

If I had a baby monitor with video I could spy on her, or even just a sound monitor I could hear her breathing and be able to tell if she actually slept. We never got one of those, since she slept in our room until she was almost 10 months old. Seems crazy to think about it now, but I loved it then.

My mom suggested trying a later nap, but Jane is so sleepy by lunchtime I'm not sure how I could work that. We may give it a try when we're back on our own next week. But I definitely don't want to give up my exercise/cleaning time, and she's definitely not ready to drop…

A Brand New Year

I'm 33 today and feeling pretty good about it. I like birthdays even now when they're not that big of a deal. I am going to get to have a date night with Shawn -- margaritas, Mexican food and a movie -- while my in-laws stay with Jane. It's a perfect grey cool cloudy November day. My kind of weather for a great birthday.

I'm very happy with my life, and I can't think of any resolutions or goals or ideas to take into the next year. I want to stay on the track toward better health ("transformation is not a future event; it is a present activity") and be better facing the challenges of raising a toddler. There are a lot of things I love to do and would love to make more time for: reading, crocheting, movies. I also contemplate expanding our family and returning to the full-time workforce (probably mutually exclusive goals at this point though).

Stay tuned as this girl's life continues to unfold...

Labyrinth and Holiday Shopping

Since my in-laws have been here (less than 24 hours!) I've had two church commitments. The first was a meeting of a spiritual leadership academy of which I'm a part. (I agreed simply because I was asked, even though it cost $90 and three weekends plus these extra meetings. Oh me.)

Anyway, at this meeting we walked the labyrinth at our church, which is something I'd never done -- at this church or anywhere else. I focused way too much on the mechanics and not getting "lost" in the maze-like walk.

I kept my mind somewhat focused by repeating "God is with me" over and over with each step. But at one point I thought "I know that, why do I need to walk in a circle to know that?!" Then immediately thought it's not about knowing that but remembering it, which is something I'm not always so good at!

Today was something I AM good at -- shopping at Target! I met a bunch of other church people, and we were shopping for children at a nearby head s…

Too Fat to Run

I'm trying to get my body back into regular movement for health and sanity reasons. So far it's going OK. I've mentioned that I do exercise videos during Jane's naps, and I do them during the week so five times per week. On the weekends I rest (and I'm also usually doing errands during her naps since Shawn is home to stay with her).

But sometimes I feel like moving anyway -- doing a few back kick/front kick combos or a lunge here and there. It's the weirdest thing because I am seriously lazy and would rather lay on a couch than just about anything I think.

But before I settled into this routine that is working for me right now I tried to do a Couch to 5K program. So many people on my Facebook feed and on blogs I read are "mother runners." And I thought it sounded amazing to "run like a mother." And couch to 5K sounded doable.

I found a free podcast that started slow -- mostly walking with a few minutes of running. I set out and got to work. …

Feeding My Toddler

Making meals and snacks for Jane isn't the hardest thing I've ever done, but it's also not the easiest. I think she's a very good eater and will mostly try everything. It's me I worry about.
I don't want to push her or nag her to "eat your veggies" or the like, but I find myself asking her to please take a bite of your squash or eat some more apple and we'll talk about more crackers or yogurt or whatever. (She loves carbs and cheese/dairy just like her mama!)

It's hard to know what to do because I recognize the enormity of establishing good lifelong eating habits. But I'm trying to be more relaxed and laid back -- providing her all good choices so it's OK if she doesn't eat all of her peas or beans or whatever. She's getting plenty of variety across the days and weeks.

One way to get veggies and fruits in her no problem are with the baby food pouches. She still loves to suck those down and I keep getting coupons for them. I al…

Selfie Reflecting

So the word of the year for 2013 according to the Oxford English Dictionary is "selfie." Jezebel wrote a piece spring boarding off this called Selfies Aren't Empowering, They're a Cry for Help.
Further, self-taken digital portraits are typically posted on social media, ostensibly with the intent of getting people to respond to them — that's what social media is. In that respect, selfies aren't expressions of pride, but rather calls for affirmation. In real life, walking up to a stranger, tilting your head downward at a 45-degree angle, duckfacing, pushing your tits together, and screaming "DO YOU THINK I'M PRETTY!" would be summon the authorities. On the internet, it's just how people operate. ...

Selfies aren't empowering little sources of pride, nor are they narcissistic exercises by silly, conceited bitches. They're a logical technically enabled response to being brought up to think that what really matters is if other pe…

Prompt: Outfit that Makes Me Feel Good

Writing daily is getting harder. I think of LOTS of things to write about after I hit post (with plenty of gripe, gripe, gripe ideas), but somehow I don't keep those in my brain for the next day. I've exhausted almost all of my pre-November ideas that I had (save for some that are a little bit more truth-telling than I'm sure I want to get into here, although desperate times so we'll see how it goes). So here's a prompt I just got in email:

NaBloPoMo Writing Prompt for 11/21: Describe an outfit that makes you feel good. (It can be from any period of your life.) Double points if you post a picture of yourself in the outfit.

Hands down my best outfit is jeans and a T-shirt with a hoodie or sweater cardigan on top, because my perfect weather is slightly nippy inside and out. I'm wearing that outfit now, and it's pretty much what I wear in mild weather (i.e., three months of the year in Baton Rouge). The rest of the time the jeans are traded in for shorts. I …


With the death of Google Reader my blog reading has dropped off. I still open Feedly a couple times a day, but I am usually powering through just to make sure I don't miss my favorites,* and a lot of things go unread. With the truncated feeds at Jezebel/Lifehacker/etc. needing a click through to see a full article (which then crashes Feedly) I usually don't read much there except first paragraphs.

There are a couple blogs though that I read just because I hate them. (Not the writers per se, but the stuff they write about/how they write about anything.) It's kind of like Get Off My Internets, except I just keep reading and make fun of them to no one. But I read almost every post they write!

Highlights of such blogs include trying to use overly descriptive words for everything (such as never using the word "said"), being proud of lax parenting and a regular diet of processed foods and sugar by making fun of parents who worry about what their kids eat, media they co…

Read: Heloise's Housekeeping Hints

Just before our travels Jane and I did some garage saling, and we hit up an estate sale. Jane always rides in the Ergo backpack for that, which is infinitely easier than chasing a toddler through someone's home filled with breakables for sale. But it makes for some achy Mama back if we take too long. Usually we do a quick walk through and leave. On this occasion Jane also pointed out every teddy bear in sight with a top-of-her-lungs shout of "BEAR!" Oh me.

We got a few things overall, but my favorite was probably the Heloise's Housekeeping Hints book, 1962 edition. I read it in a couple days, intending to come back and try some of the tips. It was unintentionally hilarious, basically the dated language and ideas of women vs. men made me laugh. A particularly funny-to-me passage was about splurging on a piece of ham every month. "No husband understands that ham costs more than hamburger!" LOLOLOL.

Here are a couple things I thought sounded useful/that I'…

Gift Ideas for Toddlers

I'm having a lot of fun dream-shopping for gifts for my cousins' daughters (ages 3 months and 2.5 years) and of course Owen Max (age 9!). My budget doesn't allow me to be extravagant, and I think it sends the wrong message anyway ... We are so blessed that in our house our problem is keeping ourselves from buying Jane too many toys and gifts because she already has so much, and I know my cousins and sister are in the same boat. But even so it's fun to look at gift lists (here are twogreat ones I found via Pinterest on It's Always Autumn) and sift through catalogs and Amazon recommended items. I think I'm closing in on what I want to buy for the kids in my life, but I thought I'd share some ideas, mostly things Jane got for her birthday that are A-number-one.

Early Childhood Classics - Old Favorites With A New Twist - We've owned this CD for a month since Jane got it from Grandma Dale and Popeye. We learned about this artist at our library story time, whe…

A Home Cook from Magazines

I'm not a great cook, but I can follow a recipe and make things turn out OK most times. I'm realizing that the way I meal plan heavily involves magazines -- mostly pages ripped from magazines that I keep in a file folder.

As Jane started pulling books off shelves I had to move my cookbooks out -- and then the bookshelf got replaced with a bench but the cookbooks haven't made a reappearance. So I don't really make recipes from cookbooks. They're tucked away in a box for now.

My magazine clipping file folder is getting out of control. I tried to organize things (chicken, beef, pasta, desserts), but as I use recipes I don't put them back/they land back at the top of the pile making things even messier.

I know if I went digital -- finding the recipes on the magazine's websites and then saving them in an online recipe box somewhere -- I could search and find things more easily. But I wouldn't want technology in the kitchen to get messed up by my less-than-s…

Christmas Frenzy

The count down to Christmas 2013 is on. I guess it starts right after Halloween? Thanksgiving is much later this year than last (my birthday was after Thanksgiving, this year it's before), which kind of crunches the true Christmas season even more. I guess some bleeding edge is to be expected.

I, for one, am ready to delve into the holiday season, and I'm looking forward to Thanksgiving with my in-laws followed by decorating the house for Christmas, figuring out Christmas cards and finishing off holiday shopping (mostly online I think). I love making lists and checking things off, and Christmas provides ample opportunities for that.

When it's 80 degrees outside it's less easy to feel in the spirit, but I guess I'll enjoy it while I can and try not to get too wound up about something still safely in the future. (I already ordered my stamps for my Christmas cards though!)

Bossy Baby

Our weather is back to balmy, and Jane and I went to the park this morning. We were the only ones there for a while, but it really started to pick up around 10:30. She was swinging and said "Mama swing," but I couldn't because the other swings were taken. I explained she was swinging with other kids, isn't that fun? Then one of the kids left his swing and Jane said "kid swing!" like a command. Out of my mouth popped: "Jane, don't be bossy."

I've never said that to her before (probably because she's never bossed anyone but family). And as soon as I said it my brain went into overdrive analyzing it. Do I really not want her to be bossy? Isn't that a prerequisite to leadership? But she has to learn to be mindful of others. You can get others to do things your way without the use of commands, and you attract more flies with honey. Gah! She's two for crying out loud.

Would my approach or response be different if I were raising a boy…

Creepy Monkey

While we were traveling the fall consignment sale for Rhea Lana Baton Rouge took place. I was very bummed to miss it, so I did a quick Google to see if there were any consignment sales happening while we were in the DC area. Lo and behold, there was one the first weekend we were there, and it was about a mile from our hotel in Greenbelt! SCORE!

So before we headed to Annapolis that first Friday I took a tired baby on my back and bought a few things. It was amazing fun as usual. (I think I like consignment sales too much AND I really don't need most of the stuff I buy. Also not a good idea to talk about it -- I made a friend's eyes glaze over talking about my rapture ... and she has two little kids so could somewhat relate!)

Everything was 50% off on Sunday, and since we were so close and I could sneak away by myself before we left to go to a friend's house for brunch I went back for another look. That's when I found Creepy Monkey (even though the picture doesn't s…

Pictoral of Recent Travels

My last pre-written post about our trip was published today. I didn't write extra from Danville since November had already begun and I was struggling just to get one post together. Anyway, here are some non-Jane snapshots from our DC/Virginia trip and our weekend trip to New Orleans (actually just two pictures from the zoo). In order:
The White House (through the bars of the fence)The National Press Club Building (memories)Bert & Ernie and the Washington Monument, just becauseWashington Monument through the World War II Memorial (note scaffolding)Fox on the Mall -- so weird in broad daylightPanda at the National ZooFall leaves at the ZooMetro ceilingWalker Drive (we were staying at a hotel just off this road)Route 66 light sign in the American History MuseumWashington Monument Earthquake Repair sign (explanation for scaffolding)More fall leavesProfound quote from Martin Luther King, Jr. MemorialFall leaves and Washington MonumentCarousel on the National MallUnited Methodist Bu…

Danville or Bust!

I drafted a few posts from our recent trip and am scheduling them to post when we get home. These will not count for NaBloPoMo, since I use that as a write-every-day exercise.

30 October 2013

I'm so tired that I'm READY to go. I am looking forward to relaxing at Steve and Dale's once we get there. And then we'll prepare for Jane's second birthday party on Saturday! I haven't even begun to fret about that, as I have been swept up in trying to see everything and everyone here in DC (I failed on both counts, but we did pretty well).

As our trip wound down I couldn't sleep as well fretting about how we were going to fit things in, especially as Jane and I got more and more tired. Metro-ing and walking long distances became harder. I used to stay up late thinking about websites, content, strategy, events, publications, etc. Now it's whether we can make it to the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial AND the Supreme Court. (We did. I'm still tired.)

It's …

She is so beautiful

My daughter is a beautiful child. She has smooth white skin, big, bright blue eyes with ridiculous eyelashes, tons of dark hair and adorable features. I'm partial, of course, but her beauty is confirmed by people almost everywhere we go. I never tire of hearing someone say how gorgeous she is. (Especially if they also say she looks just like me: LOL!)

What I like hearing even more is a compliment or comment on her personality, throwing arm or climbing ability (all of which are even better than her looks!). She's much more than a pretty face, and as she becomes a full-fledged kid and moves further from her babyhood the complex person she is becomes more and more evident.

One comment I have a hard time responding to is "Shawn's going to need to get a shotgun" or "You're really going to have trouble with the boys with this one."

Me: "..."

Somehow in this type of comment I hear Jane being devalued, which is something I can't stand no mat…

Top of the Newseum

I drafted a few posts from our recent trip and am scheduling them to post when we get home. These will not count for NaBloPoMo, since I use that as a write-every-day exercise. 

26 October 2013

The Newseum was great. I got free tix from a former coworker so we didn't have to pay $22 each, and we got there early so beat the massive Saturday crowds. I could have stayed longer, but with a need-to-nap toddler our visit was a smidge briefer than had I been on my own. We still got to see most of the museum, and I especially loved this picture, one of the few of me from the trip and probably the only one of me by myself. I especially love the Canadian flags visible in front of the Capitol. LOL.

Practicing Socialization and Constant Prayer

During our trip to DC and Danville we did a lot of visiting -- going to people's houses to get together, meeting for coffee or lunch. It was great. I probably had more socializing time in three weeks than I have in three months in Baton Rouge (or possibly all three years!). But that's normal for me.

I'm not inherently social by nature -- or something. I really have to work at friendships/connecting with people, and a lot of times it seems like too much effort. Sometimes it becomes effortless, and it's those connections that feed my desire to want more.

After all these great catch ups with old friends I find myself thinking about them specifically -- like oh, I want to send this link to Friend A, and this show reminds me of Friend B I should see if she watches it, and so on. But the amount of communications I would be doing long distance would get intimidating I think. Because no one wants to continually hear from me as random things pop into my head. (I mostly limit my…

Bert and Ernie Visit Washington

I drafted a few posts from our recent trip and am scheduling them to post when we get home. These will not count for NaBloPoMo, since I use that as a write-every-day exercise. 

I love this picture.

Little Free Library

We went to a couple parks in Danville (lesson learned: listen to the recommendation of someone who actually HAS a young kid. Her recommended park actually had swings).

At both of the parks we hit they had these "Little Free Libraries," which I thought were so clever. Basically they are library books that are probably taken out of circulation. Then you can take what you want and put it back when you're done (or not I guess). I didn't find anything I wanted to read, but I could certainly dump some of my own books after I read them (although I'm not sure if that's allowed).

Looking at the map it seems that there are little free libraries all across the country, including in New Orleans. I didn't notice any while we were out (and we've been to a couple parks here). Oh and there's one in Baton Rouge -- how funny. Maybe I'll check it out sometime.

I'm a big public library fan, and I use my library card at least monthly if not more frequently. I…

Forgetting Fall

I drafted a few posts from our recent trip and am scheduling them to post when we get home. These will not count for NaBloPoMo, since I use that as a write-every-day exercise.

24 October 2013

Autumn came to the DC area today. It was actually brisk verging on cold. We tried playing on a play ground at 11 a.m., but it was shady and just too nippy. Jane wanted to keep playing, but I was too cold.

I wish I could go back in time to convince Louisiana Mari that it really WOULD get cooler here and that cold weather gear would be welcome. I have a jean jacket, a light cardigan thing and my deep purple pashmina. How hard would it have been to throw in my leather gloves and cashmere hat (both holdovers from NYC that don't see much action down south)? I did break down and buy a $10 Target zip up fleece (resisted purple and went with black and grey) -- not that it was a challenge to talk myself into shopping!

I'll keep on chattering my teeth and hope it warms up (it's supposed to a…

Difficulties in The Big Easy

I'm sitting writing this in the bathroom of our bed & breakfast room. When Shawn asked the person booking the room for more space to bring his family he thought he was clear that we were asking for a separate bedroom. Instead we're in this fancy house where nothing is toddler friendly with a single -- albeit large -- room. The owner/operator couldn't be nicer, and it isn't her fault that Jane won't fall asleep if I'm in the room with her. Just meh. At least there is an outlet in the bathroom for my computer.

This is the first time I've stayed at a B&B, and apparently with that comes being asked "where are you going" and "what time will you be back" with every move. Breakfast was weird too -- she asked everyone else what they would like, but she just served us (totally high carb stuff so I had to wait to get a breakfast sandwich later from Starbucks). Jane ate some muffin I would have NEVER let her have otherwise -- totally white …

Possibly The Worst Story Time Ever

I drafted a few posts from our recent trip and am scheduling them to post when we get home. These will not count for NaBloPoMo, since I use that as a write-every-day exercise.

24 October 2013

I have been taking notes of our every move -- for my own record keeping, for sharing in The Weekly Jane and for blogging purposes if I decide to detail this trip in bullets like our Minneapolis trip (and/or I may need the ideas for NaBloPoMo!). But I wanted to write this while it is fresh. When I told someone this story today she said it sounded like the start of a sitcom. (Arguably a BAD sitcom, but there you go.)

Jane and I love story time at our Baton Rouge library. We really loved the one we tried out in Minneapolis, and I hoped that one in the DC suburbs would be as good. I was so wrong. It was just a waste of time.

I knew from the website that you needed a ticket to get into the program, so we arrived about 30 minutes early to get them. The idea is to limit the number to 20 -- but that 20…

Rainbow Party for a Second Birthday

While we were in Danville with Shawn's family we had a party for Jane. It was mostly an excuse for everyone to come over and visit (limiting the number of trips we had to take trying to see everyone on a six-day trip). It ended up being really fun.

I decided on a rainbow theme way back -- I think inspired by a rainbow layer cake that looked wow-worthy. (After my amateur baking fails at Christmas, I thought this could be a chance to redeem myself. Silly Mari.) After remembering my aversion to food dyes for Jane and the lack of proper baking equipment in my mother-in-law's kitchen I scaled back my baking efforts to a pumpkin cake (lower sugar and easy to make in bundt cake pans), but we had rainbow decorations.

 Happy Birthday banner from the dollar store (bought by Grandma)

Second year around the sun photo retrospective -- my 24 favorite Jane photos from Nov 2012 - Oct 2013 (not including our DC trip of course).

Arch of rainbow balloons on the carport wall -- was cuter in my …

Media Use Decisions

Jane doesn't watch television. She's never seen Sesame Street or Mr. Rogers or Thomas the Tank Engine (Owen's favorite!) or any of the new shows aimed at toddlers and preschoolers. (Through birthday gifts she was introduced to Lalaloopsy and Dora ... although we kind of nipped that in the bud, at least temporarily!)

If you had asked me even three years ago if I would have this parenting stance I would have laughed and said no. When Owen was a toddler I was the enabler to end all enablers and encouraged him to watch whatever he wanted and however much he wanted. It makes me sick now to think about it.

Shawn was right all along, as he's always been in the camp of limiting screen time (for everyone!). As we researched in preparation for Jane's birth and the responsibility of parenting I found myself warming up to the idea of no screen time until after age 2, as recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics. I recognize my own dependency on screen time and want Jan…

Travel Woahs

I drafted a few posts from our recent trip and am scheduling them to post when we get home. These will not count for NaBloPoMo, since I use that as a write-every-day exercise.

16 October 2013

Atlanta's airport is horrible. I get that it's busy, but it's also too small for the amount of busy-ness. It was claustrophobic in a horrible, horrible way. We ate lunch at PF Chang's -- and paid INSANE prices for mediocre food -- just so we could have a small respite from the fray. Would HATE a long layover there, although we never did find the kid's play area... Not sure what our layover is like on the way back.

ATL did have a nice water dispenser system. I filled my Vapur anti-bottle no problem, and the water system was sponsored by Vapur! I like the bottle so much that I convinced Shawn to get one (his is green), and he's been using it on his travels too. It's also good just in the diaper bag, since it doesn't add much weight to the water (unlike my Lifefact…

TIBTIL: Kidz Gear Wired Headphones

Instead of packing LESS in my backpack carry on (which I've bemoaned the weight of previously) I actually made room somehow for one more item: Kidz Gear Wired Headphones. The $20 price tag was SO worth it during the trip. It's a Thing I Bought That I LOVE.

I had decided to buy the orange version, but before I hit purchase I showed Jane the page and she picked purple. She is her mother's daughter, although I had some color regret when they came because she really couldn't care less what color they are.

After they arrived from Amazon I let Jane try them on, to be sure they fit and that she didn't run screaming. She was very interested in them, but I put them away until the trip. They came out on the airplane to Atlanta and WOW. She kept them on and listened to songs (some new-to-her ones ripped from a Disney Travel Songs CD given to us by Gingie). It made for pockets of relaxation on the flights, as she could be occupied and quiet without parental intervention. She …

Things that Jane Ate

I drafted a few posts from our recent trip and am scheduling them to post when we get home. These will not count for NaBloPoMo, since I use that as a write-every-day exercise.

16 October 2013

Today was our travel day to Washington, DC. We flew from Baton Rouge to Atlanta (ugh) to Baltimore. We got a ride to Greenbelt, MD, where we're staying for two weeks.

Jane ate A LOT today.

She had her usual oatmeal, banana and puffs for breakfast. By 10 she was asking for a snack, and she downed a few handfuls of cheddar bunnies. On the first plane she ate a pouch (sweet potato blueberry or something?), a cheese stick and 10 grapes. Then at our lunch stop in ATL she ate half an avocado, half a banana and some peas, plus a bit of my rice and chicken. On the second plane she ate a Elle's Kitchen snack bar (that she happened to see while going through her stuff), some pretzels from the snack cart (wow, Delta still giving out snacks!) and some peanuts and raisins from trail mix. For supper w…

Airport Wifi

This is a travel day, so I am happy that RDU provides wifi. Otherwise I would scramble tonight to post. We left around 7 am, and I am not a morning person. 
After our usual goodbye breakfast at IHOP we hit the road. I got a bonus goodbye upset stomach and counted the minutes to the airport bathroom. Ugh. 
Now we are thru security and waiting til boarding. Travel is stressful. Air travel is very stressful. Air travel with a toddler is off the charts stressful. We have SO much stuff!

Coffee Resumed

I've mentioned here or on Twitter or something that I'm re-losing weight that I re-gained when pregnant and after Jane was born. I've been working with a nutritionist at a metabolic clinic and trying to follow a Mediterranean diet (very loosely, but I'm hoping to get better). I have been exercising for a couple months and that always helps. In fact I'm sweating to the oldies right now after doing a Jillian Michaels kickbox workout. Fun times.

Anyway, as part of this effort I have been taking a low estrogen birth control pill to help with my cycles, which are always wacky but had gone off the deep end with the weight gain. They are helping in that respect, but they seemed to have a side effect of kicking in the morning sickness hormone with which I'm so familiar.

It isn't as bad of course -- just a mild nausea feeling in the mornings that's gone quickly. But it has dampened my taste for coffee -- horrors! I hadn't had a cup, not even a latte from Sta…

Rock My Little Baby

Jane has become a pretty good sleeper (knock on wood, cross your fingers, etc.). Traveling throws a few kinks in things, but overall she gets good rest, 11-12 hours per night.

Right now we're sleeping in a room together, and she can hear us come to bed after she's been asleep for hours. It hasn't been a problem. But last night she woke up before we were able to fall asleep, and she cried and cried like she hadn't in a long time with real tears and that ragged "huh-huh-huh" breathing between sobs. Break your heart.

We'd had a huge day with lots of playing and company and NO NAP (although she did rest in her crib for about an hour without sleep it's about the same as staying up and playing all day). She really sleeps better when she is rested, which is a crazy thing about kids' sleep.

Anyway, she snuggled with us in bed for maybe 10 minutes and was fine/calmed down. When I tried to put her back in the crib the crying became hysterical again. So I s…