Coffee Resumed

I've mentioned here or on Twitter or something that I'm re-losing weight that I re-gained when pregnant and after Jane was born. I've been working with a nutritionist at a metabolic clinic and trying to follow a Mediterranean diet (very loosely, but I'm hoping to get better). I have been exercising for a couple months and that always helps. In fact I'm sweating to the oldies right now after doing a Jillian Michaels kickbox workout. Fun times.

Anyway, as part of this effort I have been taking a low estrogen birth control pill to help with my cycles, which are always wacky but had gone off the deep end with the weight gain. They are helping in that respect, but they seemed to have a side effect of kicking in the morning sickness hormone with which I'm so familiar.

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It isn't as bad of course -- just a mild nausea feeling in the mornings that's gone quickly. But it has dampened my taste for coffee -- horrors! I hadn't had a cup, not even a latte from Starbucks or CC's, in a couple months. I had taken to drinking Earl Grey if I felt like a hot drink in the morning (which I started to as the weather cooled). And of course I was sneaking Diet Dr Pepper most afternoons -- a much harder habit for me to break, and something that's much worse for me than coffee no matter how you look at it.

Anyway, being at my inlaws' house has jump started my taste for coffee again. Their coffee isn't special -- although they have a nice new coffee pot -- it's just the environment that's led me to feel the need for java again. I got a major headache the second day we were here, and I chalked it up to dehydration and exhaustion. It kept up the next day, so in addition to popping ibuprofen I also tried a cuppa.

That's the ticket!

Now I'm back to guzzling a couple cups of high octane stuff (since I'm the one who makes it, getting up with Jane early in the morning -- goodbye daylight savings).

Not sure if I'll keep it up when we're finally back home. (And more posts about our trip to come -- both scheduled and as NaBloPoMo.) I haven't had my coffee pot plugged in for a good while, but I'm sure it will still work if I decide to take up the habit again in earnest.

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