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Pictoral of Recent Travels

My last pre-written post about our trip was published today. I didn't write extra from Danville since November had already begun and I was struggling just to get one post together. Anyway, here are some non-Jane snapshots from our DC/Virginia trip and our weekend trip to New Orleans (actually just two pictures from the zoo). In order:
  • The White House (through the bars of the fence)
  • The National Press Club Building (memories)
  • Bert & Ernie and the Washington Monument, just because
  • Washington Monument through the World War II Memorial (note scaffolding)
  • Fox on the Mall -- so weird in broad daylight
  • Panda at the National Zoo
  • Fall leaves at the Zoo
  • Metro ceiling
  • Walker Drive (we were staying at a hotel just off this road)
  • Route 66 light sign in the American History Museum
  • Washington Monument Earthquake Repair sign (explanation for scaffolding)
  • More fall leaves
  • Profound quote from Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial
  • Fall leaves and Washington Monument
  • Carousel on the National Mall
  • United Methodist Building: "God's Justice Never Shuts Down" (a stone's throw from the Capitol)
  • Three flags at Union Station
  • Water tower in Danville (basically all my pics from here are of Jane!)
  • Orangutans at Audubon Zoo
  • White alligator at Audubon Zoo (taken through glass and quickly before Jane ran off -- not sure why I didn't make a better effort to get his tail in the shot too)


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