Labyrinth and Holiday Shopping

Since my in-laws have been here (less than 24 hours!) I've had two church commitments. The first was a meeting of a spiritual leadership academy of which I'm a part. (I agreed simply because I was asked, even though it cost $90 and three weekends plus these extra meetings. Oh me.)

Anyway, at this meeting we walked the labyrinth at our church, which is something I'd never done -- at this church or anywhere else. I focused way too much on the mechanics and not getting "lost" in the maze-like walk.

I kept my mind somewhat focused by repeating "God is with me" over and over with each step. But at one point I thought "I know that, why do I need to walk in a circle to know that?!" Then immediately thought it's not about knowing that but remembering it, which is something I'm not always so good at!

Today was something I AM good at -- shopping at Target! I met a bunch of other church people, and we were shopping for children at a nearby head start. Their parents earn points by volunteering, having perfect attendance, etc., and the points get turned into dollars for Christmas gifts. Some people worked with partners, but I shopped solo. I had three kids (there were so many shoppers I gave one of my original four back so there would be enough to go around). One kid had earned $200 and only had toys on his wish list (parents fill in the clothes section). It was pretty fun to just throw things into the cart, although his wish list was non-specific and nothing very expensive. So he got a LOT of things! I also got to shop for clothes for a 4-year-old girl and some for a 5-year-old boy. It was so much fun and a little bit like supermarket sweepstakes. I felt like I was racing to get it done (I was finished in an hour).

I'd never really perused the toy aisle that carefully, and it was fun to see what there was available. I definitely got some ideas of things for Jane, and I may have picked up something because it was on sale and I know how much she loves things like that. I also got her a pair of $6 jeans even though the girl is basically swimming in jeans. The shop-shop-shop mode really spilled into my own shopping that I did after completing the shop for the kids. Whoops!

I also shopped last week for an Angel Tree recipient. Our angel is 7 and wanted a soccer ball and a blue jacket. I found the ball on Amazon (all the ones in the stores looked grungy/played with) and the jacket at Kohl's. I don't buy Owen many clothes, so I'd never noticed how shrimpy the boys' section of a store is relative to the girls' section. There were hardly any boy jackets and only one blue. Luckily there was one in the size I needed! I also threw in some socks and a hat and gloves, and I wish he could have them now since it's actually slightly cold here! I guess it still will be in December/January/February (maybe).

Anyway, I'm grateful to have a church with activities like this to take part in, and I'm glad to have free child care right now so I can do the activities without worrying about my bambino!

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