Practicing Socialization and Constant Prayer

During our trip to DC and Danville we did a lot of visiting -- going to people's houses to get together, meeting for coffee or lunch. It was great. I probably had more socializing time in three weeks than I have in three months in Baton Rouge (or possibly all three years!). But that's normal for me.

I'm not inherently social by nature -- or something. I really have to work at friendships/connecting with people, and a lot of times it seems like too much effort. Sometimes it becomes effortless, and it's those connections that feed my desire to want more.

After all these great catch ups with old friends I find myself thinking about them specifically -- like oh, I want to send this link to Friend A, and this show reminds me of Friend B I should see if she watches it, and so on. But the amount of communications I would be doing long distance would get intimidating I think. Because no one wants to continually hear from me as random things pop into my head. (I mostly limit myself to one follow up thank you per friend.)

And those random things will subside, and I'll go back to the regular routine and annoying my normal cohort of contacts (or just blogging my fool head off).

This thought about continually thinking about people I've just seen and interacted with has been rolling around in my head, and it popped in again tonight after Bible study and the idea of praying without ceasing. (Romans 12:12 was verse in question: "Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer.")

Why is it that I don't think "I should tell God about this," or "wow, this chapter of my book really reminds me of something He said to me," to the same extent I am reminded of my friends after a good visit?

I think the answer is somewhat obvious that I need to spend more time cultivating my relationship with God and attend to prayer in a more intentional way.

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