Difficulties in The Big Easy

I'm sitting writing this in the bathroom of our bed & breakfast room. When Shawn asked the person booking the room for more space to bring his family he thought he was clear that we were asking for a separate bedroom. Instead we're in this fancy house where nothing is toddler friendly with a single -- albeit large -- room. The owner/operator couldn't be nicer, and it isn't her fault that Jane won't fall asleep if I'm in the room with her. Just meh. At least there is an outlet in the bathroom for my computer.

This is the first time I've stayed at a B&B, and apparently with that comes being asked "where are you going" and "what time will you be back" with every move. Breakfast was weird too -- she asked everyone else what they would like, but she just served us (totally high carb stuff so I had to wait to get a breakfast sandwich later from Starbucks). Jane ate some muffin I would have NEVER let her have otherwise -- totally white flour/refined sugar non-nutritional junk. She also served us both tea, when I'm back to jonesing for coffee (took care of that at Starbucks too). It would be totally romantic and nice to be here WITHOUT a toddler (and without a husband at a conference). We'll survive it!

We went to the zoo today, and good grief it's expensive. Also the zoo doesn't open until 10. I knew this but wanted to get out of our room before Jane destroyed something, drove me crazy or both. Good thing -- there were GOBS of people there at 9:30 when we arrived, and the lines were out of control when they finally opened the gates after 10. Ugh.

Jane's favorite parts were the playground and the carousel. The white tiger was cool and something I don't think I've seen before. Same for the white alligators. We always like giraffes, and they had three of those, and zebras. We bought an expensive lunch and we also went shopping for post cards and magnets, and we got a Christmas ornament for our tree (I like to do that on our travels). All in all this is probably our most expensive day of travel (not counting air fare). I don't think I spent this much any day in DC. I guess I'm supporting our state's economy?


It is also stupid hot here. And yesterday was chilly in Baton Rouge so when I packed I only brought long sleeves for Jane. It's warm enough for SHORTS, which I guess I shouldn't complain about because mild weather is nice and easier to navigate a toddler in. But still. I much prefer the crisp autumn air to sweating profusely.

Just another day-in-the-life entry...

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