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Chop Chop

About a week ago I got my hair cut, continuing my search for a place to match the hair cuts I received in New York as a Bumble & Bumble hair model (shortish curl cut, please!). I still get blast emails about the model calls ... sad sad sad.

Initially I was really happy with the cut, because the girl was so nice and she styled it beautifully (which is a step up from when I raged immediately after my Rage salon haircut that was an expensive Super Cuts snip). She kept saying "I can't believe you're not freaking out" because of all the hair she was cutting, but really I was unfazed, in part because it wasn't cut as short in the front.

And therein lies the problem. I specifically asked for the hair to stay long enough for a ponytail, given Jane's proclivity to grab and pull hair and realistically knowing that I would wear my hair up as often as not. TECHNICALLY I can get my hair up but the very back is so short it stays down, making the perfect "handle&q…

Weird Meeting

Still processing the Mothers of Preschoolers program I went to today.

Jane stayed in a strange, new-to-her nursery for two hours. She was absolutely fine -- she went willingly with the workers (whom neither of us knew) when I dropped her off, but she was a little manic looking when I picked her up. I think part of it was no morning nap -- program started at 9:30 a.m., which is when she usually starts snoozing. She still needs that nap.

I also think she was probably shell shocked from lack of doting (which she gets when she stays in our church's nursery on Sundays). There were probably 8 babies in the room with two workers, and she wasn't crying/needing attention all the time like some of the other babies were.

I don't know if we'll go back. Not only does the schedule not really work for us nap-wise, but it's also kind of expensive mostly to pay for the child care (today was a free try out). I might want to spend my money on something else -- like a Mother's D…

Jane in the Grass

Homemade Saline Wipes

Jane caught her first cold when we went to the mall last week. She had the time of her life playing in the soft kids area, but she was no match for all the kids' germs. There weren't any (visibly) sick kids with us while she was playing but something was around because she was a snotty mess by that evening.

A seemingly gimmicky kids' cold product is Boogie Wipes -- these saline wipes that are supposed to be softer on the nose and help de-crust things (affiliate link). Sounds good and they do work, BUT they are expensive and mostly scented (I did find a pack of unscented at a Target and the Amazon affiliate link above is to unscented, but it's hit and miss what's available).

I decided to try to make my own saline wipes at home and see how they work. I couldn't find a how to for homemade saline wipes or homemade boogie wipes, although there is a tutorial for cloth boogie wipes and she actually makes her saline solution herself. But being the ultimate lazy mom th…

Star Trek Google

Today's Google Doodle is awesome.

Duct Tape Diaper

During the storm some of our diapers were failing. It was a sleeve of our favorite Target Up & Up brand and each diaper would separate at her right hip without fail after she had it on for a few minutes. Instead of abandon the diapers I wised up and pulled out the duct tape (the same tape I carted to Berlin and back). Seems like something for There I Fixed It.

Also, that's the walking toy Jane loves best (a hand-me-down from a neighbor) -- she walks behind it like she's mowing or pushing a shopping cart and swings her little hips so happily. Oh, independent bipedal locomotion is just around the corner ...

ABCs of Berlin

A little project I did while we were in Berlin -- collecting letters in pictures. On my last day there I found a sidewalk keyboard installation where I got the umlaut letters and ß. Y was the hardest letter, and in the end I just snapped one that isn't the best quality.

This is a companion project to my ABCs of NYC, where I took a bit more time and cropped the photos to just the letters (so I could then theoretically spell out a name, say Jane). But for Berlin I didn't do it.

Also there was this picture of a subway ad that had all the alphabet in one spot:

Berlin with Baby: Getting Home

Note: This series, Berlin with Baby, is being written in real time to be published upon our return to the United States.

August 19 -- Our return travel was about as stressful as our travel to Berlin. We made all of our flights and they left mostly on time, but we had the same issues with Jane's ticket (it took about 20 minutes at every ticket counter to get her a boarding pass).

At the Berlin airport we had to take our stroller to "bulky luggage," even though in its bag it is smaller than our checked bags. The nearby bulky luggage station was experiencing "technical difficulties" (?!?!) so we had to trek across the airport -- and all the terminals are separate buildings so it entailed going outside to drop it off (Shawn did the last leg because I saw this ridiculously long hallway and almost sat down and cried ... and this was less than an hour into our 22+ hour trip!). The stroller made it to Baton Rouge though, so I can't complain too much.

Chuck Doo-Gull…

Berlin with Baby: Packing Notes

Note: This series, Berlin with Baby, is being written in real time to be published upon our return to the United States.

Two weeks in a foreign land. Jane’s and my first foray into a country where English is not the primary language. Some thoughts on packing that I’ve compiled along the way.

Things I’m Glad I Packed Ergo -- super great purchase on our partsStroller -- to think I almost thought this wasn't necessary ... pshaw! ... until she can walk we need to take it with us EVERYWHERE I think. And I ADORE the City Mini. I could collapse it with one hand, carry it by the strap in the seat and then flop it back open easily -- even with some stuff in the pocket beneath the seat. It's small, maneuverable and cute. LOVE, would purchase again. (I saw many strollers in Berlin, but only two other City Minis -- once at Alexanderplatz and once on Oranienburger Strasse.)Moby for flying, I can keep it on at all times after security and it can help cover up for nursing (although I don&#…

Berlin with Baby: Toys

Note: This series, Berlin with Baby, is being written in real time to be published upon our return to the United States.

August 18 – I’ve bought more toys here than is necessary and we BROUGHT more toys here than she needed as well. Especially considering that her favorite things to play with are trash.

We’re packing up now, resting on our last day in Berlin. I took a little solo excursion to a flea market in the Tiergarten and scored a Berlin stein for Shawn. I also went to Alexanderplatz and stumbled across a Vegan Fair and did some final souvenir shopping in the department store Galleria Kaufman there.

It was weird riding the metro without Jane. Despite the language barriers that was one place I felt OK – I can navigate a subway system when left to my own devices.

Post Isaac Shopping

Walking into my familiar Winn Dixie after the storm was weird. It was my store, but it wasn't.

Entire shelves were cleared -- things I noticed were gone: pop tarts, little debbie snacks, fruit (that much I expect had spoiled ... everything else just hadn't been restocked after the run-up to the hurricane). They had restocked the dairy, so we have our milk for the cereal I stockpiled (you can always eat cheerios dry).

There were also a lot of cashiers working -- I guess because they had all missed shifts and they wanted the work? There were also more people there than normal, so that was part of it too. A lot of undergrads walking around in rubber boots.

I didn't have a lot of time, so it was just a quick in and out for some sandwich stuff (not even enough time to bother waiting for the deli versions) and DDP.

I'll be glad when things really get back to normal...