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If wishes were horses ...

When the clock shows all the same number, like 5:55 or 4:44, you make a wish. (I first learned about that listening to Magic 95 back in the day.)

For years, my wish has been "I wish for love." So much that it becomes automatic and I make that wish without thinking ...

My wish has come true, clearly.

Now We Are Six

I'm in the same time zone, but still feel so far on this, Owen's sixth birthday. Going to do my best to get home for the party this holiday weekend. So difficult with all the job uncertainties and how far behind I feel about 95% of the time.

Auntie M Loves Baby O!

Living Among the Students

Around midnight early Saturday morning, *ding dong* goes our doorbell. (Why do apartments need doorbells? I digress.) Shawn was asleep and I was trying to sleep so I didn't answer, thinking it was a rowdy kid -- or a mistake. In the morning the rowdy kid theory was confirmed when I was greeted by  an offering of McDonald's French fries thrown against our door -- assault by fast food?

So maybe living among students ISN'T going to be so peachy.

When you see them in the hallways they mostly say hello and nod and act like actual human beings. But apparently on the weekend nights they lose all sense of decorum and scream off the balconies and run the halls ringing random doorbells. (At least I hope we weren't targeted as old fuddy duddies and that it was random!)

This is the first weekend since school started, so maybe part of the issue. But the beauty of the apartment, its location relative to work and the swank amenities still outweigh any unpleasantness brought about by …

Read: Citizen Girl

Citizen Girl by Emma McLaughlin and Nicola Kraus

Was enticed to buy this because of its $4 price tag on Borders' Bargain Bookshelf. One of the blurbs was intriguing -- "satire ... highlights key issues (do you have to look hot to get ahead?) for women in today's workplace" -- but is entirely misleading. This is "sophomoric" in that it's the authors' second book (they also wrote "Nanny Diaries") and that it's just so dumb.

The main character's "name" is Girl, and other characters are called by descriptive words instead of traditional names. It took me a few chapters to realize that was her name and it wasn't just someone being awful and referring to her as "Girl" to be dismissive.

The workplace scenes were unrealistic, which I guess is expected because it's "satire" and trying to push things farther than reality to make a point? But the point wasn't taken and the plot, such that it was, fel…

FWD: Warning From the Police


Heads up everyone! Please, keep this circulating. You walk across the parking lot, unlock your car and get inside. You start the engine and shift into Reverse. When you look into the rearview mirror to back out of your parking space, you notice a piece of paper stuck to the middle of the rear window. So, you shift into Park, unlock your doors, and jump out of your car to remove that paper (or whatever it is) that is obstructing your view. When you reach the back of your car that is when the carjackers appear out of nowhere, jump into your car and take off. They practically mow you down as they speed off in your car. And guess what, ladies? I bet your purse is still in the car. So now the carjacker has your car, your home address, your money, and your keys. Your home and your whole identity are now compromised! BEWARE OF THIS NEW SCHEME THA…

Break it Down

LOVING this Gen X station that exists in BR. And also really glad I went out late to the grocery store (a certain someone needs milk for his cereal!). I heard Oasis' Wonderwall and then MC Hammer's Hammertime. I never thought of myself as Gen X (I thought I was on the cusp/too young), but obviously I like/know Gen X music!

I look younger than I am I guess. The movers asked if Shawn and I were students. And in the elevator leaving "headquarters" on Monday night a codger complimented me on my suit, said he wished they'd enforce the dress code more (he was in a sloppy almost-jeans outfit) and then asked if I was a student! I guess I could be a student. Hard to imagine doing that again though. We'll see.

Work is slowly gelling in my mind. I was super ... uneasy, I guess, about it on Sunday. The trip and then getting some actual work to do makes it feel a little more real and less traumatic. But there will certainly still be some rough patches in my future. I just…

Run On...

On a business trip for new job training. My evening plans fell apart, which made me sad BUT I got to spend some time in Silver Spring wandering around.

The trip here was pretty annoying. Transfer in Atlanta is never fun, and of course the second flight was delayed, I was seated in the middle of two rather large young men. I then took a taxi to the hotel ... and the taxi didn't have A/C. It was almost 10 p.m. and I hadn't eaten dinner, so I asked the hotel guy for a suggestion. He said the bar would still be serving or I could get room service. So when I went down it was just about 10 and they wouldn't serve me. And it was Sunday night, everything closed ... so I went to bed without supper! Woe is me. I made up for it tonight though! I ate at Austin Grille, the very restaurant that I took my mom, sister and nephew to when he was just a tiny kid sucking on lemons. What a weirdo.

Work is feeling a lot better, although I'm still a bit uneasy and trying to figure everyth…

Baby Love

While in Danville I looked through all the photos of Shawn growing up. And there are some CUTE ones. I fell in love with my husband even more! I had her scan a few for me to have here. Shawn probably doesn't want me posting them all up on my blog, but I couldn't help it with this one.


I lost my favorite keychain -- the one I took so many pictures of as we were leaving New York. If it's not at my inlaws' house it must be in the U-Haul. At least it only had the Masterlock key, but it makes me sad that I can't use my same lock at the gym. And I really like that picture of Owen and the purple leather of the keychain! Maybe it will turn up.

So for now I've just got my keys together. The Honda key is big enough to act as a keychain itself! I also bought a combination lock for the gym. We joined the one nearest our apartment. It's practically connected to the complex. Convenience won out! So far so good, and there are plenty of cardio machines with personal TVs. Right up my alley. Hopefully I can keep up my exercise routine and even build upon it with some weight lifting. Dream big, I guess.

These days without work have been pretty long, and I've been missing Shawn. A one day workweek won't be all bad though. But a work trip on Sunday is a bit …

Book 'Em

I avoided going to the state police department to be fingerprinted by having the fingerprints taken at the LSU police department. The only other people there were students and faculty on line to get parking permits! So it didn't feel intimidating at all. The whole thing took about 30 minutes and the woman was relatively nice. I learned I have a lot of space between my ring and pinkie fingers -- basically my pinkie is short relative to the rest of my fingers, or something.

My first day on the job has shifted from Thursday to Friday. And I have to travel on Sunday! It's for an orientation type thing, but still. I'm going to suck it up and do it. And hopefully I won't gripe too much. I read something today that venting is actually bad for you. Hrm.

On the positive side, I'm really happy with how my driver's license photo turned out -- they let you smile here! (I had to scan it for all the HR paperwork.) We got those taken on Friday the 13th, and it wasn't as ba…


Shawn is in the bedroom, and I'm in the living room. Imagine that!

Lots of paperwork involved with the new job. Trying to figure it all out. Plus I've got to go get fingerprinted for background check! That's going to take a few hours and will be crazy. An experience though ... I would rather stay home and organize the bathroom! I should still have time to do that anyway though.

I went to lunch on campus today, talking with someone about some possible extra/contract work. I walked a LONG way in this oppressive heat. But I've got to get used to it somehow! Anyway, on the walk back I spotted someone walking along the quad doing a distinct "fiddling-with-his-wedding-ring" movement and striding quickly on long-long legs. Who could it be? One husband o mine! SWOON!

So that was a fun little treat to see old Shawn mid-day. I hope my eventual work schedule will include a regular lunch hour so I can sneak away and eat lunch with him every now and then.

I'm a nervou…

Hello, Baton Rouge

Preliminary photos of our new digs and ride. Things are looking even better now that everything is inside and we've got most of the unpacking done. We just need to arrange, get a couch and a few more polishes. But we are golden!

Sorry for the onslaught of posts tonight. I just got the blogger bug and let it go. Hopefully the post separation is logical enough and my loyal (three...four?) readers don't mind ... especially after a bit of a dry spell. I am sure that when work starts on Thursday I'll slow back down, but I should have more to write this week. And new photos/video to post once we've got the place completely in order!

Moving to a new place is lonesome. Hopefully church tomorrow will be a step toward combating that, and I know once work starts I'll be begging for some alone time. There's a difference between lonely and alone though.

Goodbye New York

Goodbye NYC Apartment from Mari W. on Vimeo.

Not sure the sadness fully comes through on this video. It's echo-y like my heart felt. I'm not feeling so sad now, but it was certainly traumatic to end our New York lifestyle.

Also, some photos of my key ring, getting ever lighter ... down to only the key for my gym lock (incidentally a Masterlock that reminds me of Gpa Max, so I think of him before every workout):

And some packing and last-few-days-in-New-York photos on Flickr ...

Goodbye Broadway

Goodbye Broadway
Taken after seeing Race the Thursday night before we left.

A Couple Weekends Ago

We were on Governor's Island, riding rented bikes and having a blast in the unseasonably comfortable New York summer weather. Seriously, minimal humidity and low 80s. It was heaven!

It wouldn't be New York without a celeb sighting, and although he isn't a super star it was still fun to spot him: Willie Garson, looking just like Stanford Blatch, although I'm not sure the character would be playing Frisbee on Governor's Island! I couldn't get a better picture, but at least I did get one!

Earlier that day we went to the UN and I mailed some post cards:

And some photos of us on our bikes and the ferry and the view of downtown from the island:

U-Haul, What?

I took this in the parking lot of the U-Haul in Baton Rouge, but the REASON I took it was because of the back imprint of that middle truck.

We saw one just like this while we were rolling in Virginia, en route to the inlaws' place. And from a distance it really looks like the door is half open. I can't imagine a stupider design! And I'm sure the people driving it get stopped several times a day, or at least get honked at and flashed with lights to tell them their back is open! Also - who packs like that anyway?!

Crochet: Laura's Lace Baby Blanket for Jamie

An easy stitch that I bordered in a small shell stitch. It is a small blanket, but hopefully can be used for security … or at least to wrap her up while she’s an infant. (Baby girl was born on Thursday. Her name isn’t Laura … that’s just the pattern name from the book.) It turned out really sweet and was done in Bernat Baby Coordinates in Lemon Custard. It has a little sparkle in it too. So precious!


I had the camera cable with me the entire time! I'd been so smart in stashing it with my iPod. But I didn't get my iPod out at all during the trip. A lot of things are like that but we know everything is with us somewhere, even if we haven't uncovered it yet!

While my videos get uploaded and organized and everything else, here are some photos of my first motorcycle ride. Geez Louise, Shawn could have told me to pull my shirt down so I didn't look so rubbery around the middle. BUT this will have to do, because if I cropped you'd lose the effect of the motorcycle!

Pretty Different

I'll put some more thought into how much things are different now once I have a chance to fully immerse myself into a routine. Also some things will be the same ... I hope? At the very least my husband is a constant! Oh, and all my stuff.

You don't realize how much you have until you move it!

Anyway, we made it here and now face the unpleasant task of unpacking. It's not entirely unpleasant really. Just daunting.

BUT Internet, phone and cable are pre-set up. All I need to do is figure out DVR. Because TRUST, I cannot go back to a time of VCRs.

The Baton Rouge movers were less efficient than our New York movers. I have a feeling that may be the tone for a lot of things! But they finally got everything unloaded and we only had to open about 90% of the boxes immediately to find the essentials (shower curtain rings, birth certificate, TP, etc.). Will be nice when everything is back together ... plus there's still shopping to be done!

I took photos of the empty apartment an…


Here's my pen collection -- an image that I had transferred while we were still in New York. I have way too many writing implements, but it doesn't look quite so insane here. I didn't do much weeding out before packing.

We are in Auburn, Alabama. Free wi-fi and we had a swim after eating at a nearby Waffle House. It was SO CHEAP and moderately tasty.

The trip so far has been fine. Shawn does all the driving, and I know if it's boring for me it has to be triply boring for him. Ugh. We'll be there soon enough. We're staying one more night on the road, and on Thursday we pick up our car, get the truck unloaded and return it. Then the real fun, unpacking, begins.

It was hard to leave Danville and Shawn's folks. We have such a good time with them and it's easy and relaxing. But I have to keep steeling myself and be prepared for the good that's coming. I just have to let it.

Shawn doesn't have any anxious feelings and remains calm, cool and collected…

Patience, My Dear

I would post some video and photos BUT the USB cable is packed somewhere in the back of the truck ... so words or nothing for now. Although maybe I could get some of Dale's photos on here before then. We'll see if I put forth the effort. We also have looked through some childhood photos of Shawn and she is going to scan a handful for me. He was and is the cutest!

Waiting, waiting, waiting. One of my least favorite things to do. Waiting on a phone call and everything's going to be OK ... once I get the call, I can button up everything and be fully employed once again.

I am a nervous wreck, of course, and probably will remain so until I'm firmly settled into the new position. I do not plan to write about it publicly, but I will update my LinkedIn account and send an email to my "so called life" list with details and my updated address. If you'd like to be added to the list and/or be my pen pal let me know.


Last post from New York. About to make my way to Time Warner and return our equipment/cancel our account so no more internet unless I go to Starbucks or something. Then I think I'll swing by Pearl River one last time and come home to sleep and get up in the wee hours of the morning to depart.

I have a huge decision to make, related to employment. I have two offers and one of the main differences is money. There are other factors, and I've received the advice "go with your gut." I don't trust my gut, since it feels like rotten jelly or something. Ugh. I really am conflicted and sick over it.

Anyway, wish me luck, pray for me and look for some posts from Danville, the road and finally Baton Rouge. I have some photos of the packing (truck was loaded in just under two hours thanks to great movers) and other finishing-in-New York stuff to post, but probably later.

Mari’s Tips for Cruising

(Or, what I wish I’d known before I went on the cruise)
I felt like the new kid at camp … whose mom hadn’t packed the “right” underpants! It was certainly a learning experience, and we’d feel more comfortable about what to bring now that we’ve been once if we ever chose to go again (unlikely at this point). So, to help myself and possibly others who stumble along this post, here are my tips for cruising – what to pack for a cruise and what you can leave behind. Add your suggestions and additions in the comments. And as always I’m sure things vary by cruise line and trip length.You don’t need to bring a lot of water – even if you don’t get the unlimited soda option (which you shouldn’t, for health reasons alone). Bring a reusable bottle, like a Nalgene, and refill it on the ship. There are plenty of water stations. If you prefer bottled you can bring up to 12 per person. We brought the max and didn’t drink it all – plus it was heavy and limited what we could pack in our large suitcase o…


Today I got my final NYC haircut (although I guess I could get a haircut here as a tourist). Look how short it is! I should have taken a before ... I'll just say my hair was well below my shoulders in the back and chin length-ish in the front. There was too much discrepancy for my liking and I wanted to bring everything up to around the same length. This is better, but the front pieces are still a lot shorter (although not bang-length short). I can do a mean Justin Bieber with this blowout the hairdresser gave me, but the hair's too long/in my eyes for it to really work for anything but a joke.

Also got a pedicure today and did some shoe shopping. Not Carrie Bradshaw-style shoe shopping. My stops were DSW and Aerosoles not Manolo or Christian Dior (I can't even spell any of the other names)! I thought about trying to make it to a museum but I gave up and came back home to do some packing and try to be a little productive in that realm. Tonight Shawn and I will drink wine a…

My Summer Vacation

Some more thoughts on cruising. I have one more post besides this one, which I'll schedule for tomorrow. Then moratorium on cruise talk and we'll shift gears into MOVING talk ... maybe a little job hunting talk (things are heating up) ... and finally nesting and settling talk ... a girl can dream!

I slept a lot better than normal on the ship, probably mostly because I didn’t watch as much TV (only turned it on to look at the map of our progress). But also the rocking motion of the ship made it peaceful and easy to drift off, and the cabin got pretty dark with the block out curtains and very little light pollution – just what the ship itself created!

My favorite port was Cozumel. We took a really fun speed boat ride, the Twister, to Isla Passion for lunch, swimming and relaxing in hammocks. Then we came back, got cleaned up and went out for Mexican -- margaritas in Mexico YUMMO! We took a sunset cruise (although the sunset was covered by clouds, the water was still amazingly b…