I lost my favorite keychain -- the one I took so many pictures of as we were leaving New York. If it's not at my inlaws' house it must be in the U-Haul. At least it only had the Masterlock key, but it makes me sad that I can't use my same lock at the gym. And I really like that picture of Owen and the purple leather of the keychain! Maybe it will turn up.

So for now I've just got my keys together. The Honda key is big enough to act as a keychain itself! I also bought a combination lock for the gym. We joined the one nearest our apartment. It's practically connected to the complex. Convenience won out! So far so good, and there are plenty of cardio machines with personal TVs. Right up my alley. Hopefully I can keep up my exercise routine and even build upon it with some weight lifting. Dream big, I guess.

These days without work have been pretty long, and I've been missing Shawn. A one day workweek won't be all bad though. But a work trip on Sunday is a bit sudden, no? I'll push through and hope that next week I'll feel a little more settled.

I changed the blog title and banner for now. I just wasn't sure what to do, so & co. it will be for now. Still open to suggestion I think.

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Anonymous said...

It's probably with your crochet needles from so long ago...

(scratches head - hopes that is what was lost somewhere, at some point)

(thinks I said at the time that they were in the photo on your blog)


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