Today I got my final NYC haircut (although I guess I could get a haircut here as a tourist). Look how short it is! I should have taken a before ... I'll just say my hair was well below my shoulders in the back and chin length-ish in the front. There was too much discrepancy for my liking and I wanted to bring everything up to around the same length. This is better, but the front pieces are still a lot shorter (although not bang-length short). I can do a mean Justin Bieber with this blowout the hairdresser gave me, but the hair's too long/in my eyes for it to really work for anything but a joke.

Also got a pedicure today and did some shoe shopping. Not Carrie Bradshaw-style shoe shopping. My stops were DSW and Aerosoles not Manolo or Christian Dior (I can't even spell any of the other names)! I thought about trying to make it to a museum but I gave up and came back home to do some packing and try to be a little productive in that realm. Tonight Shawn and I will drink wine and pack. And maybe we have a taker on our desk. That would be nice to get that out of here since it's so big. Everything is closing in.

I webcammed with Owen one last time, and he was a little sad today too -- nothing to do with me, just general summer doldrems I think. I know the feeling for sure, and certainly could use a little kiss on those sweet cheeks to lift my spirits! But really, why should my heart be sad?!

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Re: the haircut

Don't lose track of the fact that haircuts don't matter as much when you're transforming completely from one world to the next, where nobody has any sort of routine standard for your hair.

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