Pretty Different

I'll put some more thought into how much things are different now once I have a chance to fully immerse myself into a routine. Also some things will be the same ... I hope? At the very least my husband is a constant! Oh, and all my stuff.

You don't realize how much you have until you move it!

Anyway, we made it here and now face the unpleasant task of unpacking. It's not entirely unpleasant really. Just daunting.

BUT Internet, phone and cable are pre-set up. All I need to do is figure out DVR. Because TRUST, I cannot go back to a time of VCRs.

The Baton Rouge movers were less efficient than our New York movers. I have a feeling that may be the tone for a lot of things! But they finally got everything unloaded and we only had to open about 90% of the boxes immediately to find the essentials (shower curtain rings, birth certificate, TP, etc.). Will be nice when everything is back together ... plus there's still shopping to be done!

I took photos of the empty apartment and some of Shawn among the boxes. It's a mess ... and I am still not sure where my camera connector is, although I have a good idea and maybe soon I can get some photos posted. Until then ... or sooner.

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