Last post from New York. About to make my way to Time Warner and return our equipment/cancel our account so no more internet unless I go to Starbucks or something. Then I think I'll swing by Pearl River one last time and come home to sleep and get up in the wee hours of the morning to depart.

I have a huge decision to make, related to employment. I have two offers and one of the main differences is money. There are other factors, and I've received the advice "go with your gut." I don't trust my gut, since it feels like rotten jelly or something. Ugh. I really am conflicted and sick over it.

Anyway, wish me luck, pray for me and look for some posts from Danville, the road and finally Baton Rouge. I have some photos of the packing (truck was loaded in just under two hours thanks to great movers) and other finishing-in-New York stuff to post, but probably later.

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cg said...

Mari, other things to consider: First of all, which job looks to give you the greatest satisfaction? Advancement opportunities? What about commuting to each? Parking? People? Hours? Money can't be the determining factor unless everything else is exactly equal. You need to find something that will make you happy -- we spend far too many hours working to have it only be for the pay we receive. Good luck!

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