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I avoided going to the state police department to be fingerprinted by having the fingerprints taken at the LSU police department. The only other people there were students and faculty on line to get parking permits! So it didn't feel intimidating at all. The whole thing took about 30 minutes and the woman was relatively nice. I learned I have a lot of space between my ring and pinkie fingers -- basically my pinkie is short relative to the rest of my fingers, or something.

My first day on the job has shifted from Thursday to Friday. And I have to travel on Sunday! It's for an orientation type thing, but still. I'm going to suck it up and do it. And hopefully I won't gripe too much. I read something today that venting is actually bad for you. Hrm.

On the positive side, I'm really happy with how my driver's license photo turned out -- they let you smile here! (I had to scan it for all the HR paperwork.) We got those taken on Friday the 13th, and it wasn't as bad as we had expected. Shawn got our tag (singular!) for the car on Monday, so we're set as far as the guv'ment is concerned.

Today was the first day of no swimming because it rained cats and dogs. I drove around in it doing the errands (fingerprints, key duplication and FedEx). I even went and picked up Shawn from work. Probably the first of many such times!

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Anonymous said...

"venting is actually bad for you"?

How much more time could you possibly have then...

Eh, at least I always know what to expect (and I keep returning).


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