Shawn is in the bedroom, and I'm in the living room. Imagine that!

Lots of paperwork involved with the new job. Trying to figure it all out. Plus I've got to go get fingerprinted for background check! That's going to take a few hours and will be crazy. An experience though ... I would rather stay home and organize the bathroom! I should still have time to do that anyway though.

I went to lunch on campus today, talking with someone about some possible extra/contract work. I walked a LONG way in this oppressive heat. But I've got to get used to it somehow! Anyway, on the walk back I spotted someone walking along the quad doing a distinct "fiddling-with-his-wedding-ring" movement and striding quickly on long-long legs. Who could it be? One husband o mine! SWOON!

So that was a fun little treat to see old Shawn mid-day. I hope my eventual work schedule will include a regular lunch hour so I can sneak away and eat lunch with him every now and then.

I'm a nervous wreck still waiting for my first day at work. I feel like a freshman new on campus. I hope I can keep it together!

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cg said...

HKMPW, of COURSE you can keep it together. Look at all that you've done, all the changes you've made ... and YOU are still together. Take a moment to just b-r-e-a-t-h-e and enjoy this latest adventure.

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