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"All Too Human: A Political History"
"The Glass Castle"
"The End of Mr. Y"

Just lately... without getting up to look at my books, off the top of my head.


Klingon baby!!!

O, Me and Beth at church.
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v-day flowers

This is the third time i've tried to publish this... maybe it's the charm.

valentine's flowers

Almost a month later and I finally get around to posting them. In a few more weeks I should have some more images to post -- I've crocheted something that I want to display AFTER I give it to the recipient. Right now I'm working on crocheting a lining for my granny cart. Will post images of that when I'm finished too.

Not sure WHY I haven't been updating. I haven't sent a proper update since early January. There's plenty to say... I just don't know. I intend to try to do updates again, say maybe once a month at least... I've got to start though. So we'll see.


PS The flowers are from Shawn. :) They were delivered with the wrong card: "Hey baby, I wish I were there to deliver these personnelly. I have much love in my heart for you." The girls at work thought I was a horrible person for laughing -- but I KNEW my PhD-to-be wouldn't write like that... Moo haha!

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