A Couple Firsts

Oh sure, firsts are par for the course for Miss Jane Pie. But I still have some firsts of my own. On Monday I got a two-for-one. And only one was pleasant. I went to my first movie since Jane was born, and I survived my first truly plugged milk duct.

I woke up Monday with a sore boob, and I knew it could be trouble but I thought some pumping, extra nursing and extra water would keep it from getting worse.

I had been looking forward to Monday -- Shawn had agreed to let me go to a movie while he watched Jane (since it was a holiday he didn't have to be in the office). All week while taking care of Jane solo I had been planning my mini break.

In the movie -- Silver Linings Playbook -- I held my cup of cold soda under my arm to help with the soreness/pain, and it worked. I got home, Shawn went to the office (holiday or not ... you know the drill), and I took Jane to the park. Everything was fine until we came home. I was feeling fine and then WHAMMO!

Fever spiked to 102.5. The pain in my boob didn't worsen, but I got so cold. Shawn came home and I went straight to bed, covering up with all the blankets in the house (practically).

The fever broke in the night (so it only lasted a few hours), and I kept drinking water and nursing like they were going out of style. Jane was a trooper, and for once her constant night wakings didn't bug me, because I needed them to get better myself!

I was better on Tuesday and by Wednesday afternoon was pretty much back to normal. Today I'm feeling just fine -- and I kind of wish I could go see another movie on my own without the pain-in-the-boob! Actually the part I was most upset about was missing my Bible study -- for the second week in a row since I didn't have child care last week. DRAT.

Usually plugged milk ducts happen to new moms while the supply is getting established, and I'm so glad this didn't happen then. I really think it would have threatened my resolve to nurse. But I'm pretty sure why it happened to me now was also related to my solo parenting venture ... while Shawn was away I stayed up too late (not enough rest) and didn't drink enough water (not enough hydration). Together that's a recipe for mastitis, which thankfully this didn't develop into.

I'm keeping after myself to drink more water and we're on our same general nursing schedule. This may be TMI to share with my public facing blog, but I couldn't not write about it.

Christmas Tree Skirt for Myself

I completed this Christmas tree skirt in less than a week (as opposed to more than a year it took me for the other one I have made). I loved the striping and the zig zag. I definitely want to make a baby afghan in this pattern (different colors, of course, and without the hole in the middle!). Lots and lots of double crochet...

Here is the pattern for this skirt, from Smooth Fox's Blog, http://smoothfoxlover.blogspot.com/2009/10/smoothfoxs-christmas-tree-skirt-free.html. I followed the colors exactly, although I couldn't use the Hobby Lobby yarn (my HL was out of the colors I needed) so I used Red Heart.

The Countdown

Shawn is finally on his way home. Jane and I have been on our own since last Friday while Shawn has been at a conference -- out of the country. Without family or a real sociable nature it's been pretty tough.

I am exhausted.

Jane is still not asleep for the night, but she's in her crib trying to get there. I'll go back in for more rocking soon I'm sure.

The first part of the week it rained -- and rained and rained and rained. It was also cold, so we mostly stayed inside. We did get out for one small errand every day -- Target, delivering a meal to a new mom, etc.

Once the weather broke on Thursday we were able to get to the park and have gone three days in a row. Playing outside is good -- and it wears her out -- but just like her mama she gets a second wind.

My second wind keeps me up far too late after she finally goes to sleep -- and with broken night sleep still an issue and somewhat early wake calls, I am exhausted.

I love being with Jane. I even love being with her all the time day and night. But I also really appreciate not having to be sole comforter and care provider all day and all night. I like getting a break or breather, and I like to go to the grocery store by myself!

It will be so good to have our family back together for so many reasons!

(Have I mentioned I'm exhausted?)

News Sense

Since September or so I've been listening to a lot of NPR -- as in a few hours a day. I've come to know my station's schedule, what I like and what I don't. I know the local announcer's voices and the station's donation number.

And usually it's just something that melds in the background and I only actively listen a little bit. But a "story" caught my attention this week that I thought was verging on the absurd.

The news was about the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, so that's probably why my ears perked up. It was a local news announcer (reporter?) interviewing a national justice reporter about the Transocean guilty plea and settlement.

The conversation was so bizarre to me in that the national reporter was treated as a source -- not really attributing her information or saying she'd talked to anyone, just being authoritative and answering questions, including very speculative ones about how the case might proceed, etc.

I don't doubt that her information was as correct as could be found, but it was the reporter-to-reporter conversation presented as reporter-to-source that was so bizarre to me.

It's really par for the course, and the economy is hard on everyone and everything, but it just struck me as odd a lack of real reporting and talking to people actually involved in the process. Especially on a story that has had such a big local impact. (In my mind I would think the local reporter should be treated as an expert ... although based on everything I've heard they're not very expert on anything.)

So there's probably an explanation, like this is a thing that happens and is no big deal. I'm not sure anyone would actually have picked up on it. But this is me, putting my high-dollar journo degrees to work. Uh... or not.

Hotel Room de ja vu

We are in Memphis visiting an old friend of Shawn's (both in the fact that they've known each other for a while and that he's old -- around 20 years older than me). ANYWAY.

We're in a hotel room covered by points I earned while traveling for my last job. And this room looks almost exactly like the last one I stayed at in Silver Spring, MD, -- down to the furniture placement and artwork. And that was when I was at my SICKEST "morning" sickness with Jane.

It's a bit of a weird feeling to be in such familiar environs, but instead of being tied to the bed and/or toilet we've got a pack-and-play taking up half the room and toys strewn all about.

How lucky am I?


On the Memphis front we haven't done much touristy. We ate some fine BBQ for lunch -- Corky's. But we haven't seen Beale Street or the Mississippi or Graceland. Maybe next time. (We're going home tomorrow.)

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