The Countdown

Shawn is finally on his way home. Jane and I have been on our own since last Friday while Shawn has been at a conference -- out of the country. Without family or a real sociable nature it's been pretty tough.

I am exhausted.

Jane is still not asleep for the night, but she's in her crib trying to get there. I'll go back in for more rocking soon I'm sure.

The first part of the week it rained -- and rained and rained and rained. It was also cold, so we mostly stayed inside. We did get out for one small errand every day -- Target, delivering a meal to a new mom, etc.

Once the weather broke on Thursday we were able to get to the park and have gone three days in a row. Playing outside is good -- and it wears her out -- but just like her mama she gets a second wind.

My second wind keeps me up far too late after she finally goes to sleep -- and with broken night sleep still an issue and somewhat early wake calls, I am exhausted.

I love being with Jane. I even love being with her all the time day and night. But I also really appreciate not having to be sole comforter and care provider all day and all night. I like getting a break or breather, and I like to go to the grocery store by myself!

It will be so good to have our family back together for so many reasons!

(Have I mentioned I'm exhausted?)

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