Run On...

On a business trip for new job training. My evening plans fell apart, which made me sad BUT I got to spend some time in Silver Spring wandering around.

The trip here was pretty annoying. Transfer in Atlanta is never fun, and of course the second flight was delayed, I was seated in the middle of two rather large young men. I then took a taxi to the hotel ... and the taxi didn't have A/C. It was almost 10 p.m. and I hadn't eaten dinner, so I asked the hotel guy for a suggestion. He said the bar would still be serving or I could get room service. So when I went down it was just about 10 and they wouldn't serve me. And it was Sunday night, everything closed ... so I went to bed without supper! Woe is me. I made up for it tonight though! I ate at Austin Grille, the very restaurant that I took my mom, sister and nephew to when he was just a tiny kid sucking on lemons. What a weirdo.

Work is feeling a lot better, although I'm still a bit uneasy and trying to figure everything out. I know it will fall into place ... or it won't and I'll figure that out too. I just have to stick it out and forge ahead anyway.

Missing Shawn but will see him tomorrow. It's going to be a long day -- about 12 hours total, give or take. Ready for some semblance of normalcy and routine.

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